Beyond the Bundle: Sierra Dawn and Joe

Who: Sierra Dawn and Joe

Where: Hooper, Utah

Bundle They Played: Couple Bundle (Personalized)

Can someone get us this flower crown please?


We are huge Survivor fans, so when we had the opportunity to make a Couple Bundle for Sierra Dawn and Joe, we were thrilled. For those of you who need a refresher or aren’t as big of a part of the Survivor Fandom as we are, Sierra and Joe are iconic players. They met on Season 30 of the popular CBS show, and Joe returned to play on seasons 31 and 38, while Sierra Dawn played on 34. SPOILER WARNING: Sierra Dawn and Joe became best friends after the show, then they fell in love, and then they got married. But not before Sierra Dawn voted Joe out of Survivor. Don’t come at us for that spoiler, Season 30 aired in 2015 and we promise if you watch it on Hulu now you’ll enjoy it just as much (if not more) by knowing that. This year for Valentine’s Day, they played on Bundle and had some tequila shots (sorry those don’t come with the game) and we loved watching them have a blast. Check out our Instastories and enjoy.

Just horsing around. (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.)

When Best Friends Become More

Post Survivor, Sierra Dawn and Joe started spending a lot of time together. They would hang out with their fellow tribe mates and even started spending time with each other’s families. But things started off as platonic. (Classic When Harry Met Sally vibes going on here.) Sierra Dawn is a professional barrel racer and Joe is an artist and yogi. They are very different in many ways, yet complement each other perfectly, or as Sierra Dawn puts it, Joe is “weirder than her that it makes her feel normal.” Now, that is true love.

I mean, just look at this glorious wedding photo!

Outwed, Outlove, Outlast

Sierra Dawn and Joe had a magical wedding filled with family, friends, and yes, Survivor alums. The aim of the game in Survivor is to outwit, outplay, and outlast, so it was very appropriate that this wedding hashtag was #outwedoutloveoutlast. These two amazing people love fiercely - they love their people, their animals, and they love life and adventure. We were so happy to be a part of their story this Valentine’s Day. Plus, they showed us just how well Bundle pairs with tequila.

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