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Beyond the Bundle: The Khan Family

Who: The Khan Family

Where: Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Virginia

Bundle They Played: Family Bundle (Personalized)

Family of 6 smiling on a stoop.
The picture that perfectly captures the happy Khan family!

Meet the Khans

The Khan Family shared so much great information on their Bundle Blueprint we felt like we knew them! Dad, Mom, Salma, Uzma, Ibrahim, and Asiya all have very different personalities but a deep love for family and making the world a better place. They celebrate Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha together as a family by waking up early (some grumpier than others as Dad notes), praying with the community, and then making sure to take a nap at home to rest up before attending all of the Eid parties in the afternoon and evening. 

The Khan Family loves Mom's cooking, calling her the "best Biryani Maker in the World." They make sure to prioritize visiting their extended family and friends and always show each other how much they love each other. Sometimes they have to do this with a little bit of tough love - like when Salma bought Ibrahim's second Eminem album (The Slim Shady LP in 1999 #nostalgia) when he was 10 years old because he was "becoming too much of a nerd" and then took him to the Gap for a makeover. Isn't that what big sisters are for?

Four siblings smiling and sitting in the grass.
I mean, how cute are these 90s kids?

The Boxcar Children

One of our favorite stories that the Khan Family shared (which is difficult to narrow down because there were so many good ones) was when Dad left Salma, Uzma, and Ibrahim at home alone to run a short errand at the Youth Center in Ft. Sheridan, Illinois. When he took a little longer than expected, all three children, having read one too many Boxcar Children books (we can absolutely relate to this), left home and walked miles to the Youth Center. Dad drove past the kids on the way home but didn't see them. The kids ran all the way home just as Dad was discovering that they were "missing". When Mom returned home later that night, the kids were so excited to tell her the story. Side note, we are very curious about the amount of 90s kids who read the Boxcar Children and left home in search of an adventure. 

Two little girls in matching red dresses and their parents
Twinning is fun even when you're not twins!

Funnel Cake

Have you ever been a part of a Funnel Cake Situation?  One time at Disneyland all of the kids were fighting over a funnel cake, so Mom bought them all individual funnel cakes...that no one touched. (The Collier family had a similar situation at Knoebels, our local amusement park - funnel cake is very enticing until you eat about 4 bites and then there's powdered sugar all over your pants). Now each time anyone in the Khan family goes overboard or buys too much of anything, they call it a "funnel cake" situation.

For Father's Day the Khan Family was separated by distance, but they still got to Bundle Virtually. If you want to order your Virtual Bundle, click here. We are so grateful that the Khan Family shared their stories with us and are looking forward to when they can Bundle in person with Mom's Biryani. (And maybe a side of funnel cake?)


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