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Beyond the Bundle: Trevor and Liz

Who: Trevor and Liz

Where: Lakewood, Colorado

Bundle They Played: Couple Bundle (Personalized)

Couple holding hands riding motorcycles
Can someone let us be this cool for just one day? Please?

Ride or Die

Sometimes we are making these games and we find ourselves thinking, “Wow, these people are so…cool.” Trevor and Liz are both bikers and love to spend a lot of their time riding together. Liz nicknamed Trevor’s bike Betty (as in the song Black Betty) and even though she came up with the perfect name for his motorcycle, she is still looking for a name for her own ride. (Suggestions are welcome!) Liz and Trevor have taken road trips on their bikes all around their home state of Colorado, and have also ridden to Wyoming, Missouri, and New Mexico. Plus, on their wedding night Liz rode with Trevor on the back of his Harley through Estes Park. (We told you they were cool!)

Couple on their wedding day. She is doing the muscle pose!
Wedding Day Wonder Woman!

Cool, But Relatable

Sure, it’s easy to be intimidated by super cool bikers (we know that we are) but these two have a sense of humor about themselves and each other, so that makes them a lot more relatable. For instance, Trevor’s driving definitely leaves something to be desired. In fact, there are claw marks on the inside of his truck doors from Liz hanging on for dear life and trying to brace herself. Liz is lacking in the tech prowess department. When the TV or her phone isn’t working properly, she will throw stuff in the hopes that it will start working again. (Sounds like a relatively promising idea to us.) You can’t always trust that technology will work properly but you can always trust your shoe shrine. Liz has got boots, and lots of them! *Cue “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. Liz told us that Trevor is always striking a pose (glad we cued up that music) and that “his beard is everything to him.” Pictured below. I mean, who can blame him?

A man feeding his wife!
I mean, look at how cute they are!

True Love Story

Liz ordered the Bundle for Trevor this Christmas and in her Bundle Blueprint she shared so many wonderful things about him. Trevor is a Veteran who served in the Army and now works as an engineer. Liz shared with us that Trevor is hilarious, the true life of the party. He opens the car door for her, always has her coffee ready for her on weekends, and supports her in everything she does - which now includes Liz’s house flipping business! It was heartwarming to read about the connection between these two amazing people and to get to know them a little bit better. Even if in doing so we were consistently reminded of how much cooler than are than us.


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