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Father’s Day Activities - Get your Bundle On!

fathers day board games the bundle

A few days before New York City went into full lockdown last year, we had a great day with our dad in the city. We went to the Spy Museum, to an Irish pub for lunch, and took public transportation. Although we had an amazing time and are grateful for the memories, we look back and thank our lucky stars that none of us got sick during these adventures. While we are very excited to be back in the world having adventures and traveling again soon, this year for Father’s Day we are going to be playing it safe and getting our Bundle on!

fathers day indoor activities the bundle

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day Gift, we’ve got you. Even if your dad doesn’t think he likes board games (not that that could happen, what is he, some kind of monster?) our game is created especially with you and your family in mind. You fill out our Bundle Blueprint and share all your favorite traditions, memories, and inside jokes and we take all of that information and make it into a game all about your family. Whether your family is sentimental and loves to emotionally connect (love that secure attachment style but it’s not for everyone) or you want a game that is all about teasing and making fun of each other (hey, it’s just another way to show love!) we will make that happen. And of course, we will promise to incorporate dad jokes.

fathers day bundle game

To get your Bundle in time for Father’s Day fun, order here. You can also share the Bundle Blueprint link with friends or loved ones so you can do a joint gift, or you can take all the credit yourself and more firmly solidify your position as the favorite child. The choice is yours.

Comment below with your favorite dad joke - we will be sharing a few of the favorites on our Instagram this week @thebundlegame.


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