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National Siblings Day with Bundle!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Three young kids standing at a statue of a football player. One girl is in a jean jacket, a young boy in a Notre Dame jacket and hat, and the other young girl in a Phoenix Suns coat.
Sports Family Vibes

National Siblings Day is on Sunday, April 10th and we have the perfect game for you to celebrate the day! We started Bundle because we loved celebrating our favorite memories with our family by playing a custom board game featuring all of our inside jokes, trivia, and photos. We would love to get to know you and your siblings and make game for your family! You can order our Family Bundle here. You will fill out our Bundle Blueprint so we can find out all of your fun family stories, and then we will create a game for you to bond with your siblings.

A pic stitch of three people, all with huge smiles and silly faces. The man is pointing at the camera and the women are in party mode.
The Collier siblings love weddings

What sorts of questions will we create for your family? For the Collier Sibling Bundle, one of our Act It Out cards would be "Sports Family," because that's what we were known as in our hometown of Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. For our Name 4 category, one of the cards reads "Name 4 teachers you all had at Holy Spirit School." Some of our Challenge cards include "Do your best impression of Cassie and Shawn at their Hoop Shoot competitions," "What is the name of the first play that Jackie acted in?" and "In as much detail as possible, tell your siblings about your most embarrassing moment. "

Three children sitting for a portrait. They are all dressed up and adorable.
Collier Siblings giving sass and class

Playing a Family Bundle with your siblings is a great way to reminisce about all your past memories, but it's also a great opportunity to learn about your siblings' lives now. If you aren't going to be physically together on National Siblings Day, we can also make you a virtual version so that you can celebrate over Zoom. (After the last two years we are all getting pretty good at that.) If you are curious about what types of questions we will write about your family, you can direct message us on Instagram @thebundlegame or e-mail and we will create a few sample cards for you.

We hope that you have a great time celebrating National Siblings Day with your crew and that Bundle will get to be a part of it. As a family business, we love learning about all of your stories and are so excited to help you celebrate all the holidays this year.


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