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Opposites Day 2023: A Bundle of Fun!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Photo of a bunch of blue fish going in one direction and a tiny yellow fish swimming in a different direction. The text reads "National Opposite Day."
Opposite Day with Bundle!

When we were growing up, we had some similarities, but in many ways we were opposite. Cassie was very skilled at sports, Jackie didn't even make the starting line up for the basketball team that her parents coached. Jackie loved performing for anyone who would watch, Cassie shied away from public speaking. Cassie was very organized and meticulous, Jackie was always in a disarray and covered in ketchup stains. You get the picture. So when we found out that Wednesday, January 25th was National Opposite Day we decided to celebrate, Bundle style!

Photo of two young women holding a Bundle and peeking out from behind it with their big blue eyes.
Frowning Behind the Bundle! (Opposite Day!)

For Opposite Day, it's the perfect time to ask your friend who is not into board games (we guess there are still a few people like that out there?) to play a rousing game of Bundle. Our custom games usually celebrate your favorite traditions, memories, and inside jokes - but why not use your personalized Bundle game to completely roast your anti-board game playing friend? By filling out our Bundle Blueprint with all of their most embarrassing moments and annoying habits, you can make a game that reminds them just how aggravating they can be.

A photo of a Bundle board game with playing pieces, a dice, and playing cards.
A Bundle for Every Occasion

We would love to know how your are celebrating National Opposite Day. Here at Bundle, we love to have fun with and gamify everything, so this quirky holiday is right up our alley. We hope you have an awful time playing Bundle and a lousy day! (See what we did there?)


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