For Bachelorettes - Classic Version

Get a board game to celebrate your bachelorette party!

Let's get real. A bride is bringing together friends in her life who haven't always met before. This can cause the weekend to start off, well...just a litttttle bit awkward.

Enter Bundle! Bundle is a quirky and sweet game that accelerates intimacy among a bride's friends.

What it Is: 

A game where the cards are universal to any bachelorette party!

What It's Perfect For: 

Going to a bachelorette party where not everyone knows each other? Want a low-key Friday activity for when everyone arrives? Bundle's got you!

Examples of Cards: 

  • Name 4 people who will definitely bust a move at the wedding.

  • You facilitate a meet-cute between two single guests at the wedding. Way to go, matchmaker! Move ahead one space and roll again.

  • List both sides of the bridal party in one minute or less.


Turnaround time: Approx 3-5 days after you place your order!

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