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At Bundle, our mission is to bring people together for life's most celebrated moments. We create one-of-a-kind custom board games that encompass your favorite memories, stories, and inside jokes. 


Each life is full of stories. Which ones will your Bundle tell? 

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Where the Bundle story begins...

Sisters Jacklyn and Cassie were looking to give their parents a unique gift for the holidays. They designed a board game from scratch, crafted with their own memories and family traditions. After an evening of laughing and reminiscing around the living room, this soon turned into a light bulb moment for the sisters: could they scale this idea, and create personalized board games for all special moments in people's lives?

And Bundle was born.

Cassie Collier

Co-Founder & CEO


Cassie got her competitive spirit from her younger brother, who turned everything between them into a game - whether it was calling shotgun 24 hours in advance of a road trip, or seeing who could race faster on their bikes in the backyard (albeit with training wheels).


Cassie served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small dairy town in Nicaragua, where she taught entrepreneurship courses to small business owners, and also brushed up on her board game-playing skills with kids in her community. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Susquehanna University, and a Master's Degree from Harvard University. 


Born and raised in Central PA, she now lives with Jackie in NYC.

Jackie Collier

Co-Founder & COO


Jacklyn grew up in a very athletically inclined family but couldn't manage to make the starting line up of the basketball team that her parents coached. Her parents encouraged her to find other interests so she channeled her creative energy into acting.


Jacklyn has a Bachelor's Degree from Susquehanna University, a Master's Degree in Acting from the University of Houston, and has performed & taught acting around the country. Television appearances include HBO's The Deuce and getting murdered in numerous Investigation Discovery shows. She is the co-host of the "The Bubbly Sesh" podcast.


Born and raised in Central PA, she now lives with Cassie in NYC.


Ready to create a game all about YOU?

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