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The personalized board game to celebrate

your bachelorette party or bachelor party! 


Put 1 minute on the clock. List all the bridesmaids and groomsmen in Eve's wedding. Ready, set, go!

Eve gets engaged, and all of her gals surprise her with an engagement party in NYC!

Move ahead one space and roll again.

Name 4 things that Eve and Jordan are likely to do in their first year of marriage.


Name 4 of your best memories with Eve.

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Let's get real. A bride is bringing together friends in her life who haven't always met before. This can cause the weekend to start off, well...just a litttttle bit awkward.

Enter Bundle! Bundle is a quirky and sweet game that accelerates intimacy among a bride's friends.

The perfect bachelorette party game idea

Want a low-key Friday activity for when everyone arrives? Bundle's got you!


1. Order a Bundle


3. Receive a game* full of your own memories & inside jokes







*Receive about 3-4 weeks after you submit your Bundle Blueprint!

2. Tell us about yourselves via the Bundle Blueprint*








*The Bundle Blueprint is a 10-question form that will be emailed to you after ordering.

Preview it here!




But don't take our word for it! Our games have been featured in The Knot, BRIDES, theSkimm, and more.

We celebrate all forms of love.

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Custom board game.JPG


...our game is a cloth board!


Fold it up, throw it in your weekender bag, and play it anywhere - at the Airbnb, the beach, or a bar.

Easy breezy.
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about two gals who played Bundle at their bachelorette party!


  • What is the difference between a personalized Bundle and a non-personalized Bundle?
    Our personalized Bundle has a deck of cards that is highly customized to you. The deck is curated with your memories, traditions, and inside jokes. (We gather this information based on a "Bundle Blueprint" we send you.) Our non-personalized Bundle, on the other hand, has a universal deck. We have three versions: Bachelorette Bundle, Family Bundle, and Couple Bundle. To illustrate the difference: A question in the non-personalized Bundle might read, "What is the best vacation you've been on with your family?" A similar question in a personalized Bundle might read, "What is your favorite memory from the Foster family vacation to the Grand Canyon?"
  • How do you personalize my game?
    After you purchase a game, we will email you a Bundle Blueprint, which is a series of 10 questions to get to know you and the other players. Based on your responses, we will make you a custom game full of your own memories and inside jokes.
  • What kind of Bundle should I get?
    Non-personalized Bundles are good if you're interested to play the game multiple times with different people. For example: -You're heading to a ton of bachelorette parties over the next year, and you want to be able to take your Bachelorette Bundle to multiple ones. -Your and your significant other hang with a lot of different couples and you want to be able to play your Couple Bundle in different situations. -You have parents who are separated, and you want to be able to play Family Bundle with both of them. Personalized Bundles are good if: -You want a game for to play who people who don't necessarily fall into the Bachelorette, Couple, or Family category. -You're looking for an extra special gift - almost like a living scrapbook or photo album - that highlights special moments in your life.
  • Can you personalize a Bundle for my co-workers, university, [insert group here]...?"
    We can create a Bundle for any occasion! Since our launch, we've made Bundles for residents of a hospital, colleagues at an investment bank, anniversaries, birthday parties, the list goes on. You let us know the special event, and we can make a Bundle for it!
  • How many cards are in each game?
    Each game comes with 83 cards.
  • How much can I replay Bundle without repeating cards?
    Depending on how people play, you could probably play 2-3 games without repeating any cards. We also sell expansion packs, if you ever decide you wanted additional cards. Some families have turned it into a holiday tradition to get a new deck each year.
  • How long does it take for me to receive my game?
    For non-personalized Bundles, you will receive your game in about a week. For personalized Bundles, you will receive your game approximately 2 weeks after we receive your Bundle Blueprint. If you need your Bundle sooner for any reason, just let us know and we will see what we can do!
  • What is the recommended number of players?
    We've seen Bundle played with anywhere from 2 to 18 people. The average tends to be around 6 people.
  • How long does it take to play a game of Bundle?
    Each game takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how many players you have.

Virtual bachelorette party? We got you! 

With each custom order, you can buy a special virtual version (!) to play on Zoom! Includes: 

  • A digital pack of all 83 cards

  • Up to 5 "photo cards" of all of you

  • A 1-page host guide that gives pointers on how to play virtually

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Named a top virtual bachelorette party idea by The Knot!



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