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Jersey City, NJ

Who is your favorite Hallmark Channel leading lady and leading man?

Ashley Williams and Daniel Lissing! (Fun fact: Colleen also told us that Ashley gave her a shout-out video a month ago after a friend of hers met her and told her how obsessed Colleen was with Hallmark Channel Christmas movies!)


Near Chicago, IL

Which Hallmark Channel Christmas movie can you nearly recite by heart?

There are two I know impossibly well: Snow Bride (“Chicken Tikka Masala rocks!”) and The Christmas Secret (“Hey Clutch, we’re being evicted. Can I look around?”)

Marlene & Marissa (sisters) & Wednesday (niece)

Norwalk, CA & La Mirada, CA

What is the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie that you most love watching together?

The Nine Lives of Christmas! (Fun fact: Marlene's cat is even named after Queenie in the movie!)


Los Angeles, CA

What is your favorite moment from a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

My favorite moment is from Let It Snow with Candace Cameron Bure, Jesse Hutch and the late Alan Thicke.  After a devastating falling out with her father on Christmas Eve over a proposed business plan for a winter resort, Stephanie Beck (Candace) believes she’s lost what little relationship she had with her dad (Alan).  But Christmas Day arrives and Stephanie’s dad makes a surprise visit to reconcile their relationship.  It’s a special moment between a father and his daughter and that’s what Christmas is all about - family and reconciliation.


Broomall, PA

Which Hallmark Channel Christmas movie makes you want to go out and conquer the day?

That's an easy one: A Christmas Melody with Mariah Carey.


Caldwell, NJ

What is your favorite Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

I love them all. Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow is currently topping my list.

Meg a.k.a. Hallmark in Real Life  

New York, NY

Which Hallmark Channel Christmas movie have you seen the most number of times?

This is a tough one... I think it's a tie between The Nine Lives of Christmas and Snow Bride, but if I can only choose one then The Nine Lives of Christmas :-)


Bryn Mawr, PA

What is your favorite thing about Hallmark Channel Christmas movies?

I love that Hallmark Channel Christmas movies (and Hallmark Channel movies throughout the year) always have happy endings. The people are friendly, the places are great - definitely "feel good" television. Scary and sad things are happening every day in our world, it's nice to have an escape.


Midlothian, TX

Who are two actors you would love to see in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg are the two actors I would like to see in a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.


Elysburg, PA

Who is your favorite leading lady and leading man in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies?

My favorite leading lady in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies is Lacey Chabert & my favorite leading man in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies is Steve Lund.


Colorado Springs, CO

What is your favorite Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

The Christmas Card

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