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RomaDrama with Bundle!

There are two women holding a Bundle board game and bag and looking excited. The text reads "Play Bundle at RomaDrama Live!"
RomComs + Bundle = fun!

You know that your Bundle gals love hosting events! As much as we enjoy making customized board games to play with your loved ones, it brings us so much joy to get to play Bundle with you in person. RomaDrama Live! is a romantic comedy convention with celebrities from iconic rom coms, podcasters who cover Hallmark Channel content, a night of karaoke with the stars, and games. The games is where Bundle comes in. We hosted a special Rom Com Bundle game that we created for the fans at RomaDrama Live!

There are 6 people on a stage smiling at the audience. The background behind them reads "RomaDrama Live!"
We loved playing Bundle with Eric Mabius, Jesse Hutch, Brittany Bristow, and Kristin Booth.

We packed our bathing suits, matching dresses, and a bunch of RomCom Bundles and made our way to sunny Florida. The people of RomaDrama definitely know how to party! When we arrived in West Palm Beach we got ready for the premiere of Hallmark Channel's new movie, Two Tickets to Paradise, starring Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey. (We played our Christmas themed Bundle with Ashley at Christmas Con, you can read all about it here.) The movie was hilarious, and we got to spend some time with some of our favorite stars. For our Bundle: Rom Com Game, we were so lucky to be joined by stars Eric Mabius and Kristin Booth from Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Jesse Hutch and Brittany Bristow from the Love Club. (We also made a Bundle game for Brittany's Hallmark Channel movie, A Tail of Love.) We divided the stars into Team Signed Sealed Delivered and Team Love Club and it was game on!

There are two women standing outside of a Restoration Hardware with palm trees lining the walkway. The women are looking at the camera, holding a Bundle, and smiling. They wear dresses that are matching in style, one woman in pink and the other in blue.
We love West Palm Beach and matching dresses!

Our celebrity guests were totally game to play (pun intended, we can't help ourselves) and the fans in the audience were equally enthusiastic. Signed, Sealed, Delivered fans are a very passionate fandom called the Postables. The Postables wore matching t-shirts to game night and cheered loudly on behalf of Kristin and Eric. Brittany and Jesse also had a large fandom in attendance and as rom com professionals, our stars were able to answer every question correctly (yes, they are that good!) and we ended up with a tied game. Instead of doing a tiebreaker, we decided to have our celebrities join forces. For their Final Bundle, they performed a completely original scene that they created in one minute! The audience couldn't stop laughing and we were so impressed by the talent and how kind they were to take time to play our Bundle game!

If you want to buy our Bundle: Rom Com Edition, click here. And if you have any ideas for the next event we could host, please let us know - we love meeting our Bundlers in person.


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