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Beyond the Bundle: Hannah and her Best Friends

A group of friends celebrating a wedding day.
The Rainbow Girls know how to throw a party!

Who: Hannah, Bunny, and Meesh

Where: San Francisco, California 

Bundle They Played: Personalized Bundle

A Gift To Remember

Hannah’s fiancée Chelsea gifted her a Bundle to play with her best friends the night before their wedding. The brides are lucky to share best friends, regardless of who knew each other first. With Hannah and Chelsea, the rule goes that if you love one, you're bound to love the other. Hannah & Chelsea also had a joint bachelorette party in Las Vegas! (Any couple that can have their bachelor/bachelorette party together is #couplegoals) For the actual wedding, Hannah had plans to spend the night before with her best friends Bunny and Meesh. As a surprise, Chelsea wanted to gift her a personalized game that celebrated their decade-long friendships that would spark the many, many silly memories they've shared over the years. Enter Bundle!

Group of people celebrating the bachelorette party.
The epic bachelorette party!

Celebrating Female Friendship

As a diplomat’s daughter, Hannah grew up living all around the world. She served 3 years in the Peace Corps in Botswana, was a D1 swimmer at the University of Vermont, and is a woman who knows how to get stuff done. Bunny is getting her Masters in Prevention Sciences at the University of Oregon, loves deep talks about anything and everything, and was the officiant for Hannah and Chelsea’s wedding. Meesh, an ER nurse at a hospital in the Bronx, NY, is an avid snowboarder, has a habit of travelling to random foreign countries every 6 months, and loves asking fight-provoking questions like “is a quesadilla a sandwich?” (Is it? What about a hot dog? The world may never know...) These gals value all of each other's quirks. They are 100% open and honest and are not afraid to call each other out. They love to laugh, are always up for an adventure, and bond over their shared obsession of Demi Lovato. #sorrynotsorry

Friend officiating a wedding
Bunny officiating a TP wedding...because why not?

Group of 3 friends posing in front of water
The lovely couple with Meesh!

Meet the Mavericks 

With their nuptials, Hannah and Chelsea changed their last names to Maverick. (How cool is that?! Our dad’s nickname is Maverick because he is a poker whiz and I’ve always wished I could pull it off as a nickname. *sigh* One can dream...) The newly formed Maverick Family also consists of Chelsea’s dog, Sunny, and Hannah’s dog, Opelo. Bunny also has a dog named Kwasi and once watched all 3 dogs (plus 1 extra named Gizmo) for 2 weeks while the couple were gallivanting through Greece, because it takes a village to raise a (puppy) child. 

Group of friends dancing together.
The Mavericks, Bunny, and Meesh having a moment.

We loved making this game for Hannah and her best friends and feel so lucky to have been a part of such a fun wedding celebration.


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