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90s Con 2023 with Bundle!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Photo of a pic stitch of two young women who are smiling at the camera. The women on the left is holding Bundle cards and a pack of Dunkaroos. The woman on the right is wearing a jean hat with a big daisy on the front and holding up a peace sign.
90s Gals Ready to Bundle!

You know we are 90s kids and have a blast celebrating the decade when we came of age. We love 90s music, fashion, tv shows, candy, and toys. We created Bundle: 90s Edition to celebrate this iconic decade. In Bundle: 90s Edition, you might have to act out "slap bracelets," be challenged to sing your favorite 90s boy band song, or Name 4 of your favorite trends from the 90s. If you want tips on how to host a fun 90s party, you can check out our blogpost all about it here.

Photo of a Bundle game on a table with a purple tablecloth. There are lots of 90s candies and slap bracelets on the table.
Snap bracelets + Bundle + Candy = 90s Party

We are going to continue our 90s party by celebrating at this year's 90s Con. 90s Con is an epic weekend that will take place March 17th-19th in Hartford, Connecticut at the Connecticut Convention Center. There are still a few tickets available here if you want to get in on the fun. Last year we had a blast at 90s Con. We hosted Bundle: 90s Edition and had a super fun competition between the cast of Boy Meets World and the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. (We wish we could go back in time and tell our pre-teen selves about the amazing thing we were going to get to do as adults!) We also got slimed, which was definitely a bucket list item that we didn't realize we had on our list.

Photo of two young woman holding Bundle cards and smiling at the camera.
90s Con Besties!

This year, we are still awaiting the announcement of our celebrity guests. Will it be Elizabeth Berkley (cue *I'm so excited) or Marc Summers (we would totally double dare him) or Kel Mitchell (we also love orange soda!)? We will be thrilled with any of the celebrity guests playing Bundle: 90s Edition but what is just as exciting to us is that we get to pick 6 lucky fans to play onstage with us. So they get to hang out with their favorite 90s celebrities and fangirl right along with us.

If you want to join in on the fun, we would love to see you Friday, March 17th at 5pm. You can get your tickets here. In the meantime, we welcome input on 90s fashions that we can rock that weekend.


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