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Best 90s Games - Bring on the Nostalgia!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Well, maybe not the worst of times, but some things were...a little bit weird. We are proud kids of the 90s and grew up rocking the best and worst of 90s fashions (hello butterfly clips and baby doll dresses), cleaning up after our Tamagotchi, and deciding which boy band members we were going to date when we grew up. (Lance Bass and Taylor Hanson were two of the consistent strongest contenders.) We love to celebrate and reminisce all our favorite parts of being 90s kids, so we created Bundle: 90s Edition to really lean into our love of the 90s.

Snow Days, Best 90s games, cucumber melon, nostalgia
Fashion icons

Even though we made some questionable fashion choices (as evidenced above) we have some great memories of the 90s. We loved going to Bath & Body works with our best friends and dousing ourselves in free samples of Cucumber Melon and Country Apple. We spent many afternoons dancing to the Spice Girls and deciding which one we related to the most. (For the record, Cassie picked Sporty, and Jackie was a combination of Scary and Baby so decided she liked calling herself Scary Baby Spice.)

We are so excited about having board game nights for our 90s game and even plan on hosting some virtual events so we can get our 90s on with friends from everywhere. And for any board game night, you need some quality snacks. Recently, when we were on Instagram (a phrase that would have been impossible to even fathom saying in the 90s) we saw an advertisement for a snack called Snow Days - a grown up version of pizza bites that are made with healthy ingredients instead of all of the questionable stuff of our childhoods. So grab some Snow Days, drink some orange soda, and play our 90s game while wearing your butterfly clips and baby doll dresses. Get ready to Spice Up Your Life.


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