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Behind the Bundle: New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? (We would actually really love to know - leave your answer in the comments section below.) I made a resolution to relax more, which was probably a little unrealistic considering that we launched our business so recently. Cassie picked an excellent resolution - she is making one cold call a week. As a small business, we have a limited (basically nonexistent) budget for advertising, so we have been really lucky to have some amazing journalists tell the story of Bundle.

Cassie and I are avid readers of amNewYork. It keeps us company on our commutes, has interesting features, and it’s free! What more could you want from a newspaper? We thought that being featured in the paper was a long shot, but Cassie made the cold call anyway. (Which I am so completely impressed by; I get red in the face and my heart races just watching her do it.) After speaking with a few people and e-mailing a few more, we found out that amNewYork was going to be doing a business feature on us. We did The Collier Special (our nerdy little happy dance) and celebrated that we were going to be in one of our favorite publications.

The morning of the interview, I insisted that Cassie come with me to get a blowout at DryBar. This is definitely not her scene, and not normally mine either, but this was for amNewYork! A $45 hair washing and styling seemed appropriate. We went back to my apartment, dressed ourselves in Bundle colors (of course), and set up some games to be photographed.

The photographer, Corey Sipkin, and journalist, Lisa L. Colangelo arrived and immediately put us at ease. They had worked together before and Corey began taking photos of us while Lisa started the interview. Lisa asked so many good questions and within minutes we were laughing and sharing stories about playing sports with our family, Cassie’s imaginary friend, and my childhood crushes. Cassie and I often take Bundle photos in my apartment and can never seem to find the right lighting, but Corey managed to find the best setup in a matter of minutes. (Maybe Cassie and I should leave it to the professionals!) With Lisa and Corey in charge and the confidence of a $45 blowout on our side, I would say that the interview was a success.

You can read the online version of the article here, but we were most excited about the print version since it has been a part of our days since we moved to NYC. We were so grateful to be featured in amNewYork and talk about Bundle and our alternative Valentine’s Day event and I’m proud of Cassie for sticking to her New Year’s Resolution! If you live in NYC and want to come hang out with us on Valentine’s Day, here is the link to get tickets to Take Back Your VDay. We can promise you games, pizza, and wine, but Cassie and I are going to be doing our own hair this time.

Sisters with custom board game
Our amNewYork photo. Can you tell we got blowouts?


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