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Best Games for Date Night!

Photo with a Bundle board game and the Bundle bag. There are pawns and cards laid out.
Date Night with Bundle!

Date Night is a necessity for keeping the connection and joy in your relationship. Not every date has to be an extravagant outing, it is sometimes just as meaningful to have a night of intentional time at home. We would love to make you a Date Night Bundle - a custom game full of your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. While a personalized Bundle game is our #1 go to recommendation for date night, we have a few other suggestions of games to make your date night more fun.


Twister can get you in quite a few compromising positions so you want to make certain that you are very comfortable with your significant other. It's also quite the work out and gets the competitive juices flowing. While a lot of other games have some sort of cerebral element, Twister focuses on the physical elements. Things might even get a little bit bit spicy.

Uncommon Questions

Uncommon Questions has 200 conversation starters for couples covering a wide range of topics. The questions are for any type of relationship and are gender/orientation inclusive. Each time you play you learn something new about your partner and it is perfect for date night or as a gift for weddings, engagements, or anniversaries.

Unsolved Case Files

We are such mystery fans so when we found Unsolved Case Files we were so excited! There are several cases to solve for would be detectives. You start by reading your case file. You then solve three objectives to move through the case and get more evidence you need to convict the killer. You can view the online answer key to see if you are getting close to cracking the case and to get hints. After you solve the third objective, you can close the case and put the murderer behind bars where they belong!

We love playing games for any occasion and we would love to know about your go-to date night games. So order some take out, light a candle, and get your Bundle on!


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