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Date Night Help - We Got You!

Date Night we have nothing to talk about - Bundle game can help
They are gazing at each other adoringly - but do they have anything to say?

When we were first headed into the pandemic over a year ago there were lots of jokes being made about how this was going to result in the next baby boom because people were going to be stuck inside without nothing to do but procreate, bake bread, and watch Tiger King. (Are we far enough removed from that time that we can feel a bit of nostalgia for those times? Nope? Yeah, us either.) While there have been a fair share of pandemic babies, there have also been plenty of divorces. There is also this middle ground for couples - they are getting along fine, things are going well (all things considered) but they have run out of things to talk about. We can help you with that by making a custom game all about your favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes.

Date Night Ideas custom games Games for couples Bundle game
Cupcake and alcohol not included but it can only enhance the occasion.

Maybe you've already googled ways to better connect with your partner and have even tried some of the search results that you've found. You've sat across from each other, gone through all of the 36 Questions to Fall in Love, and felt some level of deeper connection. But with each Bundle game we create, we have our Bundlers fill out a Bundle Blueprint so that we can make the game specifically for you. Not a particularly sentimental couple? That's all right, we can curate the game to feel like it's basically a roast of you're partner. (You're welcome.) Want all the romantic goodness? We will make a game with questions like "Name 4 of your most romantic moments" and a Challenge card reading "Put on your favorite slow song and dance to it. Plus, you can include photos in your Bundle for the extra personalized touch.

Date Night Board Games Conversation Starters The Bundle Game
The couple who Bundles together stays together.

Order your custom game here today. We can't wait to learn more about you and your significant other! (Hey, it's been a long pandemic for us too we will take any and all stories about your relationship and keep them in the strictest confidence.) We want to know - what fun date ideas have you tried to keep things spicy or to keep them from getting stale? (If spicy is too high a bar to set, "not stale" totally works right now.) Comment below and let us know or DM us @thebundlegame. (You can slide into our DMs without it being weird.)


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