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Birthday Bundle - The Game That's All About YOU!

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Bundle makes any birthday better!

Today is Cassie's birthday! I like to call her my little-big sister because even though she is 16 months younger than me (shout out for all the Irish twins out there!) she has often acted more like the big sister in our relationship dynamic. She's a little bit more responsible, keeps me in line when she has to, and tries not to get too mad when I inevitably get a ketchup stain on her favorite sweater - in my defense I am really quick on the trigger with my Tide pen. Plus, when she was at my 30th birthday party, I wanted all of my new friends in NYC to think that I was 27 so she had to make some quick decisions about whether she was my big or little sister and how old she was for the evening. So, yeah, she is pretty great.

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Birthday Gal!

Plus, she is Bundle's fearless leader and the CEO of our company, making sure that everything runs smoothly while still maintaining her sense of humor. Cassie loves bringing people together to celebrate life's most special moments and she always seems to know the right thing to say to make someone feel valued and seen. We have had so much fun working on our Birthday Bundle. We love getting to make a custom game for someone's birthday - the game is ends up being such a great way to honor the birthday baby's past, present, and future.

Bundle custom board game personalized gifts

If you're looking for the perfect birthday gift, order your Bundle and fill out our Bundle Blueprint. We will personalize the game complete with 83 cards tailored to the guest of honor all about their favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes - we can even include photos. In the meantime, we want to hear from you - what is your favorite birthday memory? Comment below or share with us on Instagram or TikTok. And if you are lucky enough to be able to be in contact with Cassie (she can be a little bit elusive on social media) make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today! And tell her to forgive me for years' worth of condiment stains on favorite items of clothing.


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