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Jacklyn’s Thoughts on How to Turn Your Boring Birthday into an Epic Event

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Custom board game for birthday party
Our Birthday Bundle. (Cupcake and candle not included. ;)

Yes, we love alliteration over here at Bundle. We also love birthdays. We love them so much that we launched our special Birthday Bundle to help you and your friends celebrate your big days with custom board games. I’ve always felt a little awkward about celebrating my birthday, and I’m not even really sure why! I love bringing people together, the hope and promise of a new year, and cake. Well, full disclosure, cake is good, but it’s the frosting that I’m really obsessed with and the only socially acceptable way to eat that is on top (and between layers) of a cake. Yes, I am a fully functioning adult. (Most of the time.)

Growing up, it seemed like there was no shortage of birthday party ideas amongst our friends in the coal region. There were roller skating parties at Sunset Rink, a trip to see the Broadway musical Wicked in NYC, and Alf as the guest of honor at the parties held at Burger King. If Alf + Burger King doesn’t strike you as the perfect combination, then you weren’t coming of age in the coal region circa 1995. Don’t get me wrong, I love birthday parties, but as an adult many of the birthday celebrations tend to blend together. (In fact if groups of friends could combine their ‘birthday drinks’ festivities it would really help all of our wallets and livers.)

So Bundle is here to turn your boring birthday party into an epic event. Birthdays can be awkward when you want to invite people from various areas of your life. Is your new friend from your Dungeons and Dragons meetup group going to have anything to talk about with your high school bestie? Will your boss stand in a corner being awkward and unsure of who to talk to? And, most importantly, will you spend the entirety of your celebration focused on making sure that people feel comfortable and connected instead of just relaxing and enjoying the special moments? A Birthday Bundle will get everyone chatting, sharing stories, connecting more deeply with old friends, and forming new connections.

If you are frantically googling “unique birthday gifts for him” (according to SEO experts this is quite a popular search) it doesn’t get more unique than a Birthday Bundle. We'll send you our Bundle Blueprint with a series of questions about the guest of honor and personalize a game for the evening’s festivities. Whether you are playing with 2 people or 20, it’s a fun and innovative way to party (yeah we are hip).

Add drinks, dinner, and Alf at your own discretion.

Bundle love,



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