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Bundle & Let's Period Talk Collaboration

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Bundle game that time of the month, Let's Period Talk

We have had a great time working with young entrepreneurs through programs at Quarter Zero. We have met so many amazing people and if you want to read a little bit more about our experience you can check out our blog about it - Behind the Bundle: Working with The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs! We are going to be collaborating with the Let's Period Talk, a teen start up, redefining menstruation one month at a time.

Over the last year we have been meeting with the founders of Let's Period Talk and they have helped us reshape the way we look at menstruation. They have formed a community that helps people celebrate menstruation, have resources to get through that time of the month feeling their best, and a place to talk about the difficult, annoying, surprising, and funny things that happen when we are having our periods. They are also destigmatizing talking about periods. They would have fantastic resources in high school (and beyond) when we were trying to figure out furtive ways to transport our tampons and pads to the bathroom without anyone else noticing.

Bundle game unique gifts personalized games, periods, Let's Period Talk

The Let's Period Talk team are masters of TikTok so we will be collaborating with them over the next few months to create fun and informative content using Bundle categories. We want you to play, too! Follow @thebundlegame and @letsperiodtalk on TikTok and you can duet with us and we will also be sharing your videos on social media. You can Name 4 of your favorite foods to eat on your period or answer a Challenge card about how many tampons the powers at be at NASA thought Sally Ride needed in space. We look forward to having fun and making "that time of the month" something that we can celebrate and find joy in rather than dreading. We will still continue to eat extra chocolate while menstruating because, you know, tradition.


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