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Teach Us How to TikTok

TikTok The Bundle Game

We admit it: we were resistant to the idea of joining TikTok. As millennials, we viewed it as a thing for Generation Z to enjoy. Much like our side parts and skinny jeans, we thought we would stick to what we knew and continue to connect to our community by blogging and through Instagram and Facebook. We made jokes, calling it TicTac (we consumed copious amounts of orange TicTacs in the late 90s) and even when we tried to be earnest we kept spelling it TikTock. But here we are: this week Bundle officially launched our TikTok account and we gotta say - we're fangirls.

custom board game Bundle

It's been so much fun the last few days playing around with our new "toy" - you know your gals love their toys and games. We read some really helpful advice from Katarina Stefansson, Marketing Manager at Relatable that she shared after talking with Linnea Johansson, the Agency Partnership Manager at TikTok. "TikTok is not a social media app - it is a creative content and entertainment platform." This bit of information really resonated with us. When we are making our custom board games, we love to get creative with the content we receive from our Bundlers to create the best game possible to maximize their fun and connection. Sometimes when using social media it's easy to forget the social part of it and just start to get sucked into the seemingly endless world of scrolling, but TikTok it gives us the fun challenge of trying to create content that people will want to engage with and watch.

Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler The Bundle Game

With that being said - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Teach us how to TikTok! What videos would be helpful or informative for you? What questions do you have for us? Is there anything that you think might be silly or make you laugh? We are ready to try it all. We are excited to be able to share the insights that we have gleaned over the past 3 years of running a small family business - figuring out our way in the toy industry with no experience beforehand and getting a lot of help from amazing people along the way. We will also be sharing a lot of the silly things we have done to raise money and brand awareness - everything from singing on the subway to eating 4 full-size cupcakes in 60 seconds when we hit a fundraising goal (not as easy as you might think) to pie-ing each other in the face. (Even more fun than we thought it would be.)

Thank you for letting us be a part of such a creative community - we always get our best ideas from our Bundlers. so let us know:

What do you want to see on our TikTok?

Comment below with anything that would be particularly helpful to you or just make you laugh! (And if it involves us eating orange Tic Tacs we are totally up for that.)


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