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Calling Swifties - It's Almost Midnight!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Close up picture of Taylor Swift with the title "Midnights" and a listen of tracks on the album.
Can we get some midnight blue eyeshadow too?

Whether you want a Taylor Swift themed Bachelorette Bundle or you just want a custom game all about the gloriousness that is T Swift, we have got you covered. Here at Bundle, we love celebrating life's moments, big and small, and Taylor's next album is a wonderful reason to celebrate.

Photo of Taylor Swift looking gorgeous in front of a backdrop of trees.
Hey, girl.

Midnights, Taylor's 10th studio album, drops at midnight on October 21st, 2022. The album is a story of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout Taylor Swift's life. If only we could be as creative with all of the sleepless nights we spent in college at the computer lab. If we were making a Bundle for the casual Taylor Swift fan (is there such a thing?) we might have a Name 4 card that reads "Name 4 of your favorite Taylor Swift songs." For the faithful Swifties, a Challenge card would read, "What is the title of Track 11 on the Midnights album?" A fun Act It Out card would be "Look What You Made Me Do." We would love to see what hardcore Swifties would come up with for that one.

Photo of Taylor sitting and looking at the ground. Text block that ends with "Meet Me at Midnight."
Yes, Taylor. We'll meet you at Midnight.

If you want to make your own Taylor Swift Bundle, we would have a blast making a game for you! It makes a perfect holiday gift for your bestie who thinks she has all the Taylor Swift swag available - you can create a completely original game that pays tribute to ardent fandom. To order a game, click here. Meet us at midnight. ;) (For some reason it doesn't sound as cool as when Taylor is saying it but we will keep trying.)


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