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Living that Cheug Life

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

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We learned a new word this week. Cheugy. And we think that we might be guilty of being a little cheugy. If you're as unfamiliar with this term as we were, we will do our best to help provide a little clarity, but as millennials we are still getting our bearings here. Help us Gen Z- we are ready to learn.

According to Mia Mercado in her write up for The Cut, cheugy is hard to define but easy to identify. In Turns Out I'm Pretty Cheugy, Mercado says, "The broadness of cheugy aides its allure. This article led to me believe that just about anything can be cheugy if you will it to be so. For instance, some things that are cheugy to me (someone who is likely a cheug): Starbucks Frappuccinos, gender reveals, and feeling like 2000 was only ten years ago." We also discovered the hard truth that cake pops are in fact cheugy. Say it isn't so!

What does cheugy mean? Bundle games personalized games

Of course, we needed to channel our new found cheug life awareness into making a TikTok video where we Name 4 Things That are Cheugy. Featured in this video are hats like the one pictured in this screen grab, graphic t-shirts, jean jackets, and girlboss energy. First they came for our cake pops and now for our girl boss energy? What is next? No more Spanx? (Don't worry we won't let that happen.)

According to Taylor Lorenz' piece in The New York Times, "Though cheugy has slight negative connotations, people who use the term said they often identify as cheugy themselves. “Everyone can be cheugy,” said Ms. Siegel. “Everyone has something cheugy in their closet. We didn’t intend for it to be a mean thing. Some people have claimed that it is. It’s just a fun word we used as a group of friends that somehow resonated with a bunch of people.”

Cheugy The New York Times, The Cut, Bundle
Yep. You guessed it. Cheugy.

In our Familect blog, we talked a little bit about our family term "pinchy" which feels a little bit like cheugy. As much as we have joked around about not wanting to live that cheug life, we are down to own all all of our cheugy-ness. Plus from what we have read, board games are decidedly un-cheugy, so you can still order your Bundle game today and know that Gen Z will whole-heartedly approve. (Sorry, though, your Live Laugh Love sign definitely makes the list of indisputably cheugy items.) We want to know from you - what do you think is cheugy? Comment below or share your thoughts by sending us a DM on our instagram @thebundlegame. #cheuglife


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