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Familect - Every Family Has Their Own!

Updated: May 26, 2021

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If you're anything like us, after hearing the word "familect" for the first time, we asked several times how to pronounce it and then embarked on a google search of "What is familect?" In a great piece for The Atlantic titled Why We Speak More Weirdly At Home, Kathryn Hymes explains, "Familects are a part of the intimate register of language, the way we talk 'backstage' to the people we are closest to. They're our home slang, if you will, where we can be our non-public selves in all their weird glory." Weird glory? That definitely sounds like a situation that calls for a Family Bundle.

Familect Family language Shared Language Bundle Game
This might be a little bit pinchy

A word in our familect since we were little has been pinchy. What is pinchy you ask? Well, we know it when we see it. It's a word that we have tried to explain to other people over the last 20 years with varying degrees of success. Pinchy is a little bit cringe, amusing, maybe a little bit quirky and mischievous - you know... pinchy. It's difficult to explain a word that you created to describe things that there wasn't a word that we felt accurately described the situation that we were talking about. If this were a game of Bundle and we got a card that read "Name 4 Things that are Pinchy" answers might include 1.) Jackie's boyfriend when he wears a Burberry raincoat and carries a $200 umbrella 2.) our friend who would ask for our "extra pickles" at lunch 3.) These outfits 4.) The triplets look we had going on with our mom when we visited Nashville, pictured above.

What is familect? Personalized games Family Games Bundle Game

We want to help you create a custom game featuring all of your favorite words from your family's familect. In each of our games there are 83 cards that are personalized to include your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, family trivia, and fun challenges. You can even include pictures! Each of our Bundlers fills out a Bundle Blueprint giving us the inside scoop on your family - it's such a joy to be able to feel like we are a part of your story by making custom games for you.

We want to know - what are some examples of your family's familect? Comment below - the weirder and quirkier the better. ;)


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