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Bachelorette Bundle - Swifties Style!

Photo of a beautiful bride to be with blond hair and brown eyes smiling radiantly at the camera. She is wearing all white and a tiny veil and holding a sign that says "bride vibes." The bride is standing in front of  pink streamers.
Bachelorette Bundle Bride Vibes!

We love making games for our Bundlers and getting to know new people through our Bundle Blueprint. Even though we may be strangers, we truly feel like friends after getting to know our Bundlers and their stories, memories, and inside jokes. It is also incredibly special when we get to make a game for someone that we know and to celebrate a milestone in their life. This past weekend we got to celebrate Kassie Hight's Bachelorette Party with a Bundle all about this super star, her friendships, and her amazing partner, Adam.

Photo of a pretty bond woman holding a Bundle and sitting on a purple couch.  There is a large engagement ring balloon on the couch behind her.
Lotta Bling in that Ring

Kassie is an actress, health coach, dog mom to her puppy Thatcher, and a loyal, kind, bubbly friend. Kassie is a diehard Swiftie and has been wanting to find her lover. Ever since meeting Adam, she knew that he was going to be her special someone. He is fun, outgoing, kind, and a great dog dad! He also has one of the coolest jobs - he works as a television producer and designs games for American Ninja Warrior. When Adam proposed to Kassie, he knew he wanted to do something memorable. He made an elaborate Easter Egg hunt for her and in the final egg was her gorgeous engagement ring! Kassie excitedly said yes and then FaceTimed her best friends. We were all so excited and felt so lucky to celebrate with her this weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.

Photo of a beautiful woman wearing white pajamas and a sash. She is leaning over a Bundle game and smiling.
Brides Love Bundle!

Kassie is currently a west coast gal but grew up in South Carolina and spent some time in New York. There are lots of women that want to celebrate Kassie as her big day approaches (she's a gal's gal and we love her for it!) so she decided to have a bachelorette weekend with her east coast gal pals in Charleston. Many of us were meeting her for the first time so it was a great way to get to know each other, tell Kassie stories, and relive our favorite memories with the bride-to-be. We serenaded her with her favorite Taylor Swift songs, got a little sentimental when talking about all the things we love about our girl, and laughed so hard as we did impressions of Kassie's dog. It was a wonderful weekend and Kassie is so excited to play her Bundle with Adam!

If you have a Bachelorette Party coming up and want to order a personalized Bachelorette Bundle for the special day, click here. We would love to be a part of a special weekend celebrating the bride-to-be and the incredible friendships she has in her life!


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