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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Bachelorette Parties

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Group of women at a bachelorette party
It's officially bachelorette season! (Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash)

Bachelorette party season is nearly upon us and we are in full swing over here at Bundle HQ prepping our personalized Bachelorette Bundles. Full disclosure before we fully jump in here: I LOVE bachelorette parties and haven’t been to any where something truly outrageous happened. But, oh, I have heard tales. There was the bride who chipped her front tooth a month before the wedding because she was running to hail a cab (heels and the seven shots of tequila she consumed probably didn’t help her cause), there were the two bridesmaids who literally got into a fist fight with each other because they were denied entrance to a bar, and then the maid of honor who decided that the bachelorette party was her last chance to try and make out with her best friend before the bride-to-be whisked herself away in a cab (and into the arms of her loving husband-to-be). Sure, bachelorette parties are not always that dramatic, but even when they are great they can have their awkward moments. Bundle is here for you and we want to tell you all about how we’ve got you covered through the good, the bad, and the ugly of bachelorette parties.

The Good

All the gals attending the bachelorette party are good friends who genuinely like each other. They frequently socialize and have a shared history full of memories, traditions, and inside jokes. The women in attendance are very excited about a weekend of partying but they need a chill, low-key activity for the Friday night everyone arrives. Because, well, after a long week at work, some true girl time without being worried about dressing up and doing your hair (you can spring for that Drybar blowout tomorrow morning) is necessary. Bundle will create a custom game for you that will celebrate the bride’s relationship with her spouse-to-be, but more importantly, with her best friends! Jam packed with all of the fun details you have shared with us, the Bachelorette Bundle will make you laugh and reminisce about your memories together. Plus, you can do it in your pajamas while eating pizza and drinking champagne.

The Bad

You've got women from different areas of the bride-to-be’s life. Her very conservative mother is going to be in attendance as well as her spouse-to-be’s mom who is…well…decidedly not conservative. There’s the work friend who is an extreme introvert, the high school best friend who feels very possessive over the bride, the pregnant friend who has a strict gluten-free diet and will only drink room temperature tap water, and the sorority sister who brought three handles of Banker’s Club vodka and practically a Costco-level supply of ahem, interestingly shaped straws. The bride loves all of these women but usually socializes with them one-on-one and isn’t sure what it’s going to be like to have them all in one place for the weekend. Is this going to be super awkward? Your gals at Bundle have your back! We can create a personalized Bachelorette Bundle that will accelerate intimacy among the women through sharing stories about themselves while celebrating the bride-to-be and her big day.

The Ugly

It’s Saturday early afternoon. You had a big Friday night out. Half the bachelorette party is hungover and was up most of the night throwing up, and the other half of the party was awake most of the night listening to their friends throw up. No one is happy. The previous night’s restaurant had lackluster food, way too much money was spent on overpriced cocktails, and the maid of honor pulled the bride to the side to inquire if she was sure that her fiance was really “The One.” Things are weird, to say the least. It’s time for a gentle night of playing Bachelorette Bundle where you can get back to what is really important: building each other up, laughing over silly things, and celebrating your best friend’s upcoming nuptials.

Whatever kind of bachelorette party you’ve got coming up, we’ve got a Bundle that will enhance the occasion. And if you don’t take my advice in this regard, at least promise that you will avoid Banker’s Club vodka at all costs. #lessonslearnedinpain

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