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Behind the Bundle: Bundle's Big Shoot

Sister entrepreneurs with the Hallmark Channel edition of Bundle.
Our big Bundle photo shoot!

Bundle’s Big Shoot 

Like proud parents, Cassie and I have taken numerous photos of our baby Bundle over the last two years. We even had two newspaper articles where we got to have a professional photographer take photos of Bundle. Since partnering with Hallmark to make Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition (did we mention we are excited?!) we have had a need for more Bundle photos. As much as we love taking these pictures ourselves, we are not professional photographers (those of you who have seen our Instagram are not shocked by this) so we thought it was time to get an expert involved.

Jackie Abbott is one of my favorite photographers in NYC and I have taken headshots and Bubbly Sesh podcast photos with her several times. (Luckily she’s not sick of me yet.) She does a good job of making me look good, so I thought she would make Bundle look fabulous. Jackie was able to think of different ways to shoot Bundle, and she did an amazing job. Here are just a few of the photos from our awesome session: 

Drawstring bag with playing cards, game pieces, and die.

This was also Cassie’s first time getting professional hair and make-up and I reveled at how uncomfortable she was about getting it done. (Hey, that’s what big sisters are for!) Cassie may have been uncomfortable getting glammed up, but once she was in front of the camera, she was a natural. (That blazer! That BOW! Big sisters should be skilled at teasing and complimenting in equal measure.) 

Bundle Goes Retail 

You can still get any of your Bundle games by going directly to our website, but now there is another very special place that you can get your Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition: participating Hallmark Gold Crown Stores! When Cassie and I were growing up our family would always go to the Hallmark store in our local mall and it is a dream come true to have our game on the shelves of participating Gold Crown Stores this holiday season. 

Bundle Needs You!

We need your ideas for fun, inventive ways to promote our Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas game. Everyone loves Hallmark Channel Christmas movies (or knows someone who does!) so send us your ideas of interesting ways we can reach future players. You know the Bundle sisters don’t mind getting silly (you’ve seen us sing on the subway and in Times Square) so the more outlandish the better. And if you’re going to suggest that I get a matching glitter bow to match Cassie’s, don’t worry, I’m on the lookout. 


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