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Sober in Central Park Board Game

Photo of a Bundle board game. The text reads "Bundle: Sober in Central Pak Edition"
Sober in Central Park Custom Game

Drinking games are quite popular, but have you ever played a non-drinking game? We promise you it's just as much fun (if not more) than drinking games and you won't end up with a nasty hangover the next day. There are a plethora of reasons why people are sober, and it is a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular. (Thank goodness because that means restaurants and bars have much better mocktails!) We are happy to announce our partnership with Sober in Central park and proudly bring you Bundle: Sober in Central Park Edition.

Photo of a gorgeous young woman smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black top, black gold hoop earrings, and there is a city scape behind her.
Sober in Central Park herself!

Rachel Hechtman is the founder of Sober in Central Park, a community that provides a safe space for connection, without the presence of alcohol. Rachel is a fun, magnetic, hilarious party gal who proves that you don't need to drink booze to have a great time.

When I was beginning my sober journey (Jackie here!) I found Rachel's content and community to be inspiring and a source of great strength. When I reached out to her via Instagram direct messages, Rachel was incredibly kind and even offered to meet with me in person. She invited me to her apartment and gave me a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages to try, and they were delicious. We laughed and shared stories the whole afternoon.

Photo of three women smiling at the camera.  It is a full length photo and they have their arms around each ohter.
Celebrating friendship at Club Curious!

When I told Cassie how incredible my time with Rachel was, she suggested that we create a board game for the Sober in Central Park community. Rachel was thrilled with the idea and helped us create a fun and insightful game. We missed going to in-person events, so we decided that to launch the game, we would have a party!

Rachel is beloved in the sober community, so she reached out to Curious Elixirs and they offered to host the party for us at Club Curious. Comedian Winnie Stack performed an excerpt from her one woman show, @jennafischer. It was a memorable night of drinking Curious Elixirs, laughing and playing Bundle: Sober in Central Park Edition.


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