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Bundle: McKellar Math Edition

Photo of The McJellar Math Board game - there is a photo of Danica McKellar and a picture of a multi colored board.
New Year, New Game!

When we were growing up, Wonder Years was one of our favorite TV shows. Cassie had a major crush on Kevin Arnold, while Jackie had an affinity for Paul Pfeiffer. One thing that we could both agree on is that we wanted to be best friends with Winnie Cooper - and that we wanted our hair to look just like hers. We have been lucky enough to meet Danica McKellar through hosting live games of Bundle at Christmas Con and she is just as lovely as we thought she would be. We are so excited to announce that we have made a new version of Bundle inspired by Danica's McKellar Math books!

Photo of Danica sitting at a table smiling and holding her book Math Doesn't Suck.
Danica hosting a panel about McKellar Math.

We are launching pre-orders for Bundle: McKellar Math Edition and we are thrilled to bring you a game full of math and fun. Danica has written 11 McKellar Math books, and each one makes math accessible and enjoyable for kids and teens. With titles like Girls Get Curves, Math Doesn't Suck, and Kiss My Math, Danica adds levity to a subject that can often feel difficult to understand. Danica graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with a degree in Mathematics and is a New York Times Bestselling author. By writing entertaining math books, Danica breaks the stereotype of the "math nerd." The immediate success of her math books prompted ABC World News to name Danica their Person of the Week.

Photo of The McKellar Math Board game.
Order yours today!

Bundle: McKellar Math Edition is a great gift for teachers and parents. You can pre-order your game here to have it in time for our kickoff party. There will be an official launch on March 14th, Pi Day. We will be having a virtual launch party and sharing photos on social media of Bundlers playing their Bundle: McKellar Math Edition Games. We wish we would have had McKellar Math books as kids, but you can bet that as kids at heart we will have a blast playing this game!


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