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Behind the Bundle: Cassie Interviews Jackie

Part 2 of this series where we chat with each other about running a business during a pandemic, what keeps us inspired, and of course, cats and pierogies.

Woman in watermelon dress with card that says Name 4
Name 4 of your favorite things about the quarantine...

Cassie: Now it's my turn to interview you for our Bundle Blog! How do you feel about that?

Jackie: I love it! I miss working with you literally by my side - sometimes I have pretend conversations with you in my head in addition to our daily zooms and telephone this is another fun way to connect. (I'm not needy at all!)

Cassie: First off, how are you?! What thoughts have you been having? How's the quarantine life going?

Jackie: I'm...good. I feel really grateful that I'm able to work from home and that we have the technology to connect with people we love. I live in a tiny apartment but I love it. I don't really get stir crazy. Contrary to my last comment about being needy (which I totally and absolutely am a lot of the time) I really love alone time and recharge by being alone, so in many ways this time has been restorative. However, it's hard not to feel the weight of what we are going through on a global scale. I lost two people I worked with to Covid-19 and it has hit the New York theatre community (which I love dearly and cherish being a part of) really hard. I miss people a lot. I miss our family. I miss friends. I miss being in a big group of people and listening to their conversations and watching them. (In a totally non-creepy way.) My boyfriend is back at work now and things in New York City are slowly opening up so things are starting to feel a little bit more "normal" but it's definitely a new normal. Did I get existential there? Probably! Hey, people, buy a Bundle! (Did I mention I may have lost some of my communication skills while in quarantine?)

Cassie: What has been the biggest challenge for you in running a company during the pandemic?

Jackie:At the beginning of the pandemic, it felt like it was a sort of loss of momentum. We had been having a lot of in person meetings and had several of potential partnerships and events in the works. and all of that felt really exciting. Our Leap Day Event was so much fun, and probably the last time I socialized with an entire group of people. Launching our Virtual Bundle and having online game nights (always be zooming) has been a huge bright spot.

4 women who are on a zoom call during a virtual game night
Game Nights = Thriving in Quarantine

Cassie: Where do you go for inspiration during this time? 

Jackie: The Chicks just came out with a new album called Gaslighter and I have been playing it on repeat for the last two weeks. It has really improved by mood and added fuel to my fire- it's a great energy boost to start my day. I also rely on our daily talks with our parents (again I'm not needy at all!), and reading about people helping each other during this time. There are so many wonderful stories of connection and love and that is very inspiring. 

Cassie: What has been your Bundle highlight over the past few months? Is there a story you can share with us? 

Jackie: I've always loved a good game night (no surprise there) but was wondering what it would be like to take it virtual. The first Bundle game night when I realized it was still a lot of fun to play the game on zoom (I felt invigorated!) and playing the Mother's Day Version with Mom and Father's Day Version with Dad was really special for me.

Cassie: Has 2020 changed the way you see our mission at Bundle? If so, how?  

Jackie: It's actually been amazing to refocus and reframe the mission of Bundle a little bit. We have always wanted to be there for the fun, celebratory moments in life to add to people's joy - "Life celebrated, one Bundle at a time." But, I think now we have reframed it a bit that we want to also be there for the difficult moments too - we want to provide connection and comfort. We love bringing people together - even if we have to be physically apart.

Cassie: What has been your favorite and your least favorite thing from WFH? (Your least favorite thing should be not seeing me in-person everyday, but no pressure.) 

Jackie: Least favorite is of course not seeing you all the time! I really, really miss you making me pierogie lunches. My favorite....probably that I don't stress about getting across town in time. We are both always very punctual when it comes to our start time and sometimes if there was traffic or I was walking slowly or yes, getting lost in the park (it still happens to me!) it would stress me I just get stressed out about having the wrong log in for Zoom meetings.

Cassie: What is your go-to WFH outfit? Are you still rockin' your Rent the Runway looks? 

Jackie: I paused my membership for a few months while I existed solely in pajamas and sweatshirts. Two months ago I restarted my subscription and have been living my best life renting outfits exclusively for zoom meetings and Bundle photo shoots. (See above photo)

Kitten with a card that says Final Bundle
He models for us to earn his keep.

Cassie: Btw, how is Artie doing?

Jackie: He's purrrrr-fect. I'll see myself out now, thanks.


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