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Behind the Bundle: Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day Celebrations

When we were growing up, 4th of July was always one of our favorite holidays. My dad would do his famous (well famous at least to us) fireworks show where he would dance in the yard with sparklers and sing. Our mom was nervous that we would burn ourselves (she knows me too well - I’m currently nursing a curling iron burn I got last week) so we weren’t allowed to play with fire, but we were allowed to do the pop-its that made a fun sound when they hit the ground. We would dance, sing, and play in the yard, very often in color coordinated outfits. We kept things simple, and that was one of the best parts about celebrating Independence Day.

Keeping Things Simple

We live In such a fast paced, high tech world and although I love a lot of aspects of this (not going to lie, I don’t miss hearing the sound of dial-up internet), it is important for me to get back to the root of what brings me joy. This is a huge part of the reason why Cassie and I started Bundle - play and human connection is something that we all crave. We love making custom games for our customers because we get insight into their lives. Sitting down and playing a board game without any other distractions invokes feelings of nostalgia that can make us forget about our grown up problems for a little while.

Baby, You’re A Firework

Today I’m in North Carolina for the wedding of two good friends so I am going to miss my family’s hometown celebration. I’m seeing several friends I haven’t seen in quite some time and meeting a lot of new people, so I brought a Bundle along with me. (I guess Bundle is kind of like my security blanket?) Bundle’s drawstring bag and cloth board made is really easy to travel with her, especially since I’m too frugal to check a bag and everything needed to be stuffed into my carry on. Hey, I’m all about keeping it simple! Although as much as I do like to keep things simple, I will admit that this morning I got a kick out of asking Siri to play Katy Perry’s Firework. (I had to get warmed up for wedding dancing!) Even though I’m not with my family today, I will still incorporate our tradition of singing and dancing and I won’t be getting anywhere near an open flame.

If you want a discount on a Bundle for any of your upcoming summer celebrations, use the code FIREWORK for $5 off of any Bundle from now until July 15th. Happy Independence Day, Bundlers!


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