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Behind the Bundle: Hitting up stores!

Jackie in front of display of board games in Hallmark store
Jackie in front of our display at Amreen's Hallmark in NYC!

Feeling Like Santa Claus

Bundle goes retail! We are so excited to be in select Hallmark Gold Crown stores. While we couldn’t travel the country delivering our games (can Santa lend us his sleigh?) we were able to hand deliver games to our New York City stores and it was so exciting! There are three locations in New York City where you can purchase Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition.

Cassie standing with Hallmark employee in front of game
Cassie posing with Avi, an employee at Amreen's Hallmark!

1.) Amreen’s Hallmark - This store is adorable! Located on the corner of 44th street and 2nd Avenue, it’s filled with festive holiday items. They’ve got a bunch of great Halloween stuff, Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, and of course, Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition. When I was looking around the store I bought this cute little picture frame to put Artie’s picture in. (Artie, short for Moriarty, is my newly adopted, diabolical, and adorable little kitten.)

Picture frame with cat that says "On the naughty list".
Little Arty will be going in this frame.

2.) Jay’s Hallmark Shop - This Hallmark Store is located in Port Authority. While I’m not one of those New Yorkers that likes to hate on Times Square (I actually like the energy there!), Port Authority itself leaves a little something to be desired. Maybe it’s just because every time I find myself in Port Authority I am usually running disastrously late for something. Jay’s Hallmark Shop is like a beacon of light in the darkness that is Port Authority. It is bright, cheery, and they are going to have an epic display of Hallmark Channel merchandise that you can get once Countdown to Christmas kicks off on October 25th.

3.) Sam’s Hallmark - Located in Brooklyn right off of the Avenue U stop on the Q train, this store is the go-to place for lottery tickets, deodorant, cute little gifts like the little lion I bought pictured below, and Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition. The game will be on display after Halloween, but if you’re in the area before then and want to ask for the game, I’m sure they can make an exception and sell it to you.

Little lion beanie baby
Little lion beanie baby!

Bundle in our Home State

We are so excited to have Bundle in our home state! If you live in Bloomsburg, State College, Altoona, or Mountville - you can visit your local Hallmark store and get your Christmas on with Bundle: Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas Edition. While we weren’t able to hand deliver the Bundles (our Santa duties were taken over by the U.S. Postal Service for three of the stores), our mom delivered an order of games to the Bloomsburg store a mere two hours after they ordered the games. Yes, our mom is faster and more efficient than Amazon Prime. Our dad has already volunteered to visit the Bloomsburg store to do some product photography. Bundle is truly a family business!

What can you do?

Of course, if you or someone you know loves Hallmark Channel, celebrating the holiday season, or board games (isn’t that nearly everyone?) we would love if you bought the game. But, it is also a HUGE help if you go into your local store, ask about the game, take pictures of the Bundles on display and send them to us or tag us if you post on social media. Cassie made an adorable graphic of where you can find Bundle all across the United States. We are still making personalized games all through the holiday season so if you’re looking for a custom gift for someone on your list, we have got you covered! One of our biggest goals for 2019 was to get into stores and we are so grateful to all of you for helping us make that happen, you most definitely deserve to be on Santa’s nice list this year.

Map of the USA with icons for every store Bundle is sold in
A map of all the stores we are in throughout the country!


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