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Calling All 90s Kids

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Matching bikins for the win

It was the decade of slap bracelets, Lisa Frank merchandise, and Giga pets. We came of age in the 90s and had a lot of fun while making a lot of terrible fashion choices. While we are on the subject of fashion sense (or lack thereof) it's worth noting that the early 90s was the last time that either of us wore a bikini. At Bundle we love celebrating all your favorite memories and we are working on a new game that will let all the 90s kids (or people who consider themselves 90s kids at heart) to take a trip down memory lane.

Board games fun Hanson 90s kids nostalgic

To make the ultimate 90s game, we need your help. What are your most fun, embarrassing, surprising, and memorable moments from the 90s? What music were you listening to? What TV shows were you watching? What celebrity crushes were plastered all over your bedroom wall? Does the thought of cucumber melon hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works make you feel things on a deep level that you can't quite articulate?

We want to hear it all. Send us an e-mail at or DM us @thebundlegame on Instagram. We wish we could say send us a message on AOL Instant Messenger, but since that life changing chat service is no longer available (we will never forget the sound of the "door" swinging open when a new buddy would come online) we will settle for just knowing your screen name. (We were sassycassie38 and tuffchica007 in case you were wondering.)

We can't wait to celebrate everything about being a 90s kid.


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