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Beyond the Bundle: The Castro Family

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Who: The Castro Family

Where: New York City

Bundle they played: Family Bundle (personalized)

Custom board game for family
Christian with his mom & dad!

Board Game Designer Extraordinaire

Bundle is a small company so we are accustomed to taking care of most of the day-to-day operations of the business ourselves, using our skill sets when applicable but also resorting to frantic googling and trying to teach ourselves new skills on the fly (with varying degrees of success). However, we knew when it came time to design our game board we needed to bring in a professional designer. Enter Christian Castro, game designer extraordinaire. Christian came highly recommended to us by the powerhouse sister team that co-founded Surprise Ride, so we knew that he would be awesome! We loved working with Christian, and then he became a customer and we got to know a little bit more about his wonderful family.

The Family that Plays Games Together Stays Together

In addition to being a game designer, Christian is an avid game player. He even made a personalized board game for his mom’s birthday a few years ago! (That’s our kind of guy.) The Castros are an extremely close knit family. Christian and his parents Libardo and Elizabeth live in New York City and his sister Libby lives in Miami but visits often. Growing up, Libby and Christian loved helping out around the music store in Queens that their parents owned. It was there that they learned a lot about old school salsa, which has made them the most fun people to hang out with at every party!

How many UTZ cheeseballs is too many?

The Castro family played their Bundle over the holidays and it brought back so many memories: traveling to Brazil in 2014 to watch Colombia play in the World Cup, the beloved family cat Luna, and visiting Disney World as kids. Most importantly, we got to include the quirky memory of Christian and Libby gifting their mother an obnoxious amount of UTZ cheeseballs every Mother’s Day. We are kindred spirits with the Castro Crew because we also aren’t afraid to get a little bit cheesy! (Sorry we just couldn’t help ourselves with this ridiculous pun; can you blame us?) We are so glad that Christian is part of the Bundle family and that we got to know a little bit more about the most important people in his life.


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