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Celebrate your 4th of July with Bundle!

Photo of sparklers on a dark night. There is a purple background with the Bundle logo at the top.
4th of July Gametime!

Even though we had the unofficial start of summer a few weeks ago with Memorial Day, it has now officially kicked off with Summer Solstice. 4th of July is fast approaching and whether you are traveling for the holiday or taking some time at home, we would love for Bundle to be a part of your holiday plans!

Photo of a beautiful pool in the south of France with a Bundle on the table as well as rose.
Relaxing in the sun with Bundle

Growing up, our dad always did a special sparkler show in our backyard so we have such fond memories of the holiday. We would get all dressed up in red, white, and blue and eat watermelon and popsicles. While food and wardrobe choices are important, what is the most vital part of any gathering for us is how everyone is going to connect with each other and have fun.

By ordering a game and filling out our Bundle Blueprint, we can make you and your loved ones a personalized game with your favorite memories, inside jokes, and photos. Not only is it a perfect party activity, but it's a wonderful keepsake and memory.

Photo of a woman on a deck wearing a blue and white jumpsuit and a pair of red sunglasses and red earrings. She is holding a Bundle game.
Red, White, Blue and Bundle

In addition to your personalized Bundle game having your favorite memories, we can celebrate what you love about your favorite holidays. In our 4th of July game, you can Name 4 of your favorite foods to eat on the 4th of July. We will go with potato salad, veggie burgers, watermelon and popsicles. (The last two are a tribute to our childhood favorites.) An Act It Out card reads "Fireworks Display" - we would love to see the variety of ways to act that out.

We hope that you have a fun and safe 4th of July and that you get to experience a sparkler show as thrilling as the performances of our childhood.


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