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Beyond the Bundle: Goatunion Crew

Who: Sarah and her best friends Where: This crew met doing a fellowship abroad but has since lived all around the world Bundle They Played: Personalized Bundle

Silhouette of a goat
Because goats keep friendships strong.

Cat Ladies are Cool When we started working on this Bundle we couldn’t have been more excited; these are truly women after our own hearts! Sarah, Desiree, Alexandra, and Kathryn* met while doing a fellowship in 2012 and have been best friends ever since. Self-described public health nerds and cat ladies, these women bonded over surviving numerous outbreaks and tropical diseases, encountering “the worst bathroom in the world” on a road trip, and getting in trouble for singing too loudly to Justin Bieber in a hotel in Santa Fe. Cue the classic Justin Bieber tune “Friends” featuring BloodPop.

Goatunion 2019 Desiree currently develops vaccines and diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, Alexandra is a spiritual advisor/coach who currently calls Chicago home, Kathryn is a state champion Dahlia gardener who is a High Pointer (a person who climbs to the tallest point in every state, this was a new term for us), and Sarah lives in San Francisco and spends her free time playing guitar, sewing, and hanging out with her awesome cat. Before we go on can we just take a minute to marvel at how amazing and cool these women are? Even though these gals are separated by distance and their busy schedules, they make time every year for Goatunion, their annual girls trip. They dubbed this reunion Goatunion because goats have been a huge part of their lives in their adventures together (Sarah met her husband at a goat race and Alexandra dated a guy with a pet goat) and it sounds super catchy. #goatunion2019

The Friends Who Bundle Together Stay Together When Sarah filled out her Bundle Blueprint for her personalized Bundle for Goatunion 2019, we fell in love with these women and their friendship. There were so many memories, traditions, and inside jokes that it made customizing this Bundle so much fun! (And definitely enough adventures and amazing stories for several Bundle expansion packs.) From Desiree and Sarah hosting Thanksgiving for 50 people and the electricity and gas running out, to feeding baby goats from bottles, to dancing to bad late night public access TV music videos in the middle of a tornado in Austin, these women know how to bring joy and adventurous spirits to every situation they encounter. We are so happy that Goatunion 2019 was filled with lots of good food, laughs, Bundling, and of course, dancing and singing to Justin Bieber.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the goats in question.


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