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Beyond the Bundle: Halley & Friends

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Bridal party after playing their custom board game
Halley & friends at the bachelorette weekend!

Who: Halley and her best friends Where: New York City Bundle they played: Bachelorette Bundle (personalized)

Modern Day Sex and the City Halley, Faryn, Christen, Laura and Sarah are best friends who met at the Wharton School of Business (hello, smarties!) and now call New York City home. They have had many epic adventures during their years of friendship so when Halley got engaged they knew they needed a Bundle to celebrate during Halley’s Bachelorette Party weekend. We wish we could tell you all the things we learned about these gals while reading their Bundle Blueprint and making their game, but let’s just say that a lot of it is THFTB. (Too hot for the blog.)

The PG Version Halley loves to work out at Dogpound and apparently has quite the reputation over there, where her instructors like to say that she is “all gas, no breaks.” (Sounds a lot more invigorating than our 25 minute sessions on the elliptical; I think we could take a page outta her book.) Laura loves Domino’s pizza and is best friends with everyone, while Christen absolutely detests Domino’s (a sore spot in their relationship) and gets teased for hating everyone. This crew loves late nights and as a result Faryn can often be found getting her beauty rest and even missed hiking Machu Picchu with the crew because she slept through it. On the way back down the mountain, the rest of the gals saw her climbing up it with a family of four that she decided to join on their adventure. Then there was that time that Sarah got involved in a smackdown at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, but that’s all we are allowed to say about that one.

Faryn’s Turn Faryn’s Bachelorette Party is this March and she will be having a Malibu Barbie themed party in California where she will be joined by 18 of her closest gal pals. Her best friends are currently collaborating on an epic Bundle to celebrate all things Faryn and we can’t wait to hear the stories that they are going to share. Have fun ladies and thanks for Bundling with us!


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