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Beyond the Bundle: Julie & Hannah

Couple posing together
Julie & Hannah - the ultimate dream team of a couple!

Who: Julie & Hannah

Where: Smithsburg, Maryland 

Bundle They Played: Couple Bundle (personalized)

A Meet Cute for Two Optimists 

Hannah and Julie have the makers of OKCupid to thank for their adorable meet cute. (For those of you who hate online dating - there are success stories out there!) Hannah first messaged Julie, who went by the screenname acousticsoul29 (I wish I would have thought of that for my AIM screen name), in February 2017. Hannah liked that Julie’s profile said that she was an optimist, so she wrote her saying, “Hey there, care to chat with a fellow optimist?” They started chatting online, had several long phone calls, and decided to meet at the exact halfway point between their two homes for their first date. The exact halfway point! When I was dating in NYC I can’t tell you the number of first dates I went on where I would have to travel over an hour on the subway because my dates insisted that their neighborhoods were “the best.” I finally got hip to the fact that they just wanted to go to the closest bar within walking distance of their apartment to avoid subway travel. No wonder Hannah and Julie decided to get married!

We Are a Family 

Julie has an adorable little boy, Ben, and now Hannah, Julie, and Ben have become their own family unit! (They previously played a Family Bundle and at 4 years old Ben was one of our littlest Bundlers.) They made a nickname for their family ("Team Dasnur") and even had t-shirts made! Team Dasnur has been on many adventures and trips but some of their best memories and traditions are the simple ones that they share with each other at home. Julie and Hannah always put Ben to bed, read him a story, and then “read God,” which is Ben’s name for reading the Bible. (If they would have called it reading God while I was in Catholic school I would have read the Bible a lot more.) Every Friday night is movie night, except when Ben can be persuaded to watch Say Yes To the Dress, which he also loves. Can I please come over and hang out?!

A Perfect Pair 

Hannah’s sister Fiona gifted Hannah and Julie their Couple Bundle and we had so much fun creating it for them. It is so fun to see the love of a couple through the eyes of someone who loves them so much! Fiona told us how inspiring it is so see them grow so much individually as well as in their love for each other. They appreciate each other’s quirks, make each other laugh, value church and family time, and will even nap in the same recliner together rather than on separate pieces of furniture. (Now that’s love!) We loved making their Couple Bundle and are grateful to be a small part of celebrating Julie and Hannah’s love story. And if you’re single and looking, this is incentive to get out there and make your OKCupid profile today. (We promise this isn’t an ad.)


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