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Beyond the Bundle: Kate's Hen Party

Who: Kate and her best friends

Where: London, England

Bundle They Played: Bachelorette Bundle (personalized)

Bride playing a game with her friends.
Kate enjoying a round of Bundle with her gal pals.

Bundle Goes International

As a 12 year old, I had a huge poster of Prince William on the wall of the bedroom that I shared with Cassie. (She had a life-sized poster of Kevin Johnson from the Phoenix Suns but that’s a story for another blog.) So it came as no surprise to my family and friends when I started dating a blond, blue eyed, British man two years ago. He’s a banker, not a prince, but as we grow up I guess our childhood dreams have to change a little bit. Last year, Alex (British banker boyfriend) and I traveled to London for the wedding of his sister, Stephanie. During the wedding festivities I got to know Stephanie’s best friend and maid of honor, Kate. Kate and Stephanie have been best friends since they were little and they got engaged within months of each other. What could be more exciting than planning a wedding at the same time as your best friend? Kate did such an amazing job of planning Stephanie’s hen party (I’m so British right now) and Stephanie wanted to make Kate’s celebration just as special, so she customized a Bundle all about Kate for the big day.

Bride smiling with her maid of honor.
The bride and her maid of honor! Now that's the look of a lifelong friendship.

Celebrating Kate

Kate is a vibrant young woman with a wide circle of friends, so several people were meeting each other for the first time at the hen party. Each of the women filled out our Bundle Blueprint, sharing all of their favorite stories about Kate - from cuddling up to a piglet on New Year’s Eve, to playing Spice Girls loudly on repeat while drinking cocktails by the pool, to accidentally stumbling upon a nudist beach in Ibiza - if you’re with Kate it’s guaranteed to be a good time. Kate is also a fellow girl boss - she’s a boutique owner and interior designer for a fantastic company called Burrow and Hide. (I have one of her adorable winter hats and I’m obsessed with it!) Who is the lucky man who gets to marry this gal? Well of course you can imagine that they have a memorable meet-cute! Kate met her fiancé Seb on the set of a commercial called ‘Murderous Women’ and they have been having adventures together all over the world ever since - they are getting married in Italy on the day of their 7th anniversary. The Bundle celebrated lots of memorable moments in Kate and Seb’s relationships, including when Seb proposed with a diamond ring on the collar of one of their beloved cats. Purrrrfection! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself.)

Hen party with game and party favors.
Look at that hen party scene!

Hen Party Shenanigans

Kate’s best friends and her mom Sandy played their Hen Party Bundle twice - once on the evening that the festivities kicked off and then over lunch at the pub after a night of a lot of champagne. (Did we mention that Bundle is also a cure for hangovers?) They got to reminisce about memories and share stories about Kate that were new to some of the people in the group, and in doing that felt bonded with the rest of the gals by the end of the weekend. Between hot tubbing, champagne, flower crowns, delicious food, and Bundle, could you ask for a better hen party? We are thrilled that Bundle got to be a part of this magical celebration and know that Kate will have a wonderful wedding in Italy at the end of this month with her best friend Stephanie by her side as her maid of honor. Oh, and her fiancé, too.

Bride with her customized game
There's Kate, rockin' the veil and getting ready to get her game on.

Bride posing with her mother.
Kate with her mom! Aren't they cute?


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