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Beyond the Bundle: Leah and Stan

Who: Leah and Stan

Where: New York City

Bundle They Played: Couple Bundle (personalized)

Stan and Leah in front of a tree
Leah & Stan, in the great outdoors!

A Manhattan Love Story

You know the classic couple in a rom-com who just seems so New York and awesome? Yep, that’s these two. Stan and Leah met when they were both attending NYU - she was in the College of Arts and Sciences and he was at NYU Stern. Interestingly, they were both Economics majors. Stan and Leah live in an apartment in Manhattan and love exploring New York City’s different neighborhoods and enjoying all of the incredible cuisine that the city has to offer. They also read the New York Times every Saturday and Sunday. (This was a 2019 goal of mine and so far I have failed miserably.) Leah loves board games and backs a lot of them on Kickstarter so Stan thought a Bundle would be the perfect gift to surprise her for her birthday.

Escaping the Hustle

As much as Stan and Leah love NYC, they love to escape as much as possible for trips together. During weekends in the spring, summer, and fall, you can often find Leah hiking, which was another one of my 2019 resolutions that I haven’t been able to stick with, maybe I should just try hanging out with Leah for a weekend? Stan and Leah have gone on some incredible adventures together. During college, they went to Israel on a Birthright trip that brought them a lot closer together. They’ve also traveled to London, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Seattle, Milan, Orlando, and Kenya where they went on a safari. (Okay, I definitely need to hang out with Stan and Leah!)

Bring on the Quirkiness

Even though Leah does love a good pumpkin spice latte, she will assure you that she is not basic, and we believe her because this gal likes to cross-stitch. (Basics can’t say that!) She has made a hedgehog, sushi, Dorothy, and most recently, a donut. Leah and Stan have a very playful relationship and try not to take things too seriously in their lives. They have made up their own vocabulary for words (i.e. smeep to mean sleep) and love to tease each other. Leah loves to rip on Stan about how bad he is at shaving, how all his sports teams suck, and how his clothing is always wrinkled. And Stan likes to joke around about Leah’s cooking skills (or lack thereof). Stan and Leah are getting married this September (the couple who bundles together stays together!) and we wish them a wonderful life filled with games, adventure, Sunday crossword puzzles, and cross-stitchings.


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