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Beyond the Bundle: Little You 3D

Here at Bundle, we love personalizing games to give you and your loved ones the ultimate custom experience! Recently we were connected to an amazing woman named Christina Guo. Christina is the founder of Little You, a company that allows users to design their own toys using 3D printing technology.

Little You promotes the creativity of young children by giving them a platform to create 3D characters and print their designs. Little You has over 800 templates so you can get very detailed with your creations. Not only do kids love playing with their Little You toys, they enjoy the process of creating them because it ignites their imaginations. The toys are made of durable materials that are safe for hands on play.

Even though this product is specifically designed for children to engage with their artistic sensibilities, Little You is fun for people of all ages. As custom game makers, we thought a unique use of Little You toys would be to create pawns for your favorite board games. Since Little You can make toys of a variety of sizes, their mini is the perfect size for a game pawn. If you're a hardcore board gamer, you can design a pawn that looks like you (or captures your essence) and use it to play all of your favorite games. Want to prove that you're a bigger board game enthusiast than all of your friends? Showing up with your own pawn is a major flex. It's kind of like when bowlers show up with their own ball and you know they mean business.

If you really want the ultimate customized game experience, order your personalized Bundle here and a set of pawns from Little You. We promise you it will take your game night to the next level.


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