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Boy Meets World Vs. Sabrina the Teenage Witch = the Match Up of the Decade

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Two young women wearing jean hats with a bright yellow flower on the front lounging on a big orange couch. They are holding a Bundle game and there is a sign in the background that says "90s Con"
Having a Bundle of fun on the famous orange couch

We had the most amazing time at 90s Con last weekend! Even before the weekend began, we had a great time preparing for it. We created a special version of Bundle: 90s Edition, with special questions for the casts of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World. We got ourselves matching Blossom hats that we didn't take off the entire weekend. Although some people thought we were channeling the Olsen Twins in their video "I Am the Cute One," which we will also happily accept. Cassie supported team Boy Meets World by donning a t-shirt with a cast photo and Jackie sported a Sabrina the Teenage Witch shirt with Melissa Joan Hart and Salem. In addition to taking a bunch of 90s Edition Bundles, we bought 90s candies (Airheads, Starburst, Warheads), and hundreds of slap bracelets. We were fully prepared to go back in time.

Two young women in jean hats with bright yellow flowers flank Eric from Boy Meets World and Caroline Rhea, They are all smiling at the camera and have their arms around each other.
We are having a serious fangirl moment

Caroline Rhea was our hostess with the mostest. Not only is she hilarious, but she is also such a kind person. Yes, she may be a little bit partial to Team Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but she somehow managed to not give them any hints. Not only did the casts of this iconic shows get to face off with Bundle: 90s Edition, but we even got to invite fans to join us onstage for each round.

Two young women in jean hats with a bright yellow daisy on front. One of the women is wearing a Sabrina the Teenage Witch shirt and the other is wearing a Boy Meets World t shirt. They have their arms around each other and are smiling at the camera.
Living our best 90s lives

We weren't just playing for bragging rights. Our friends at Ultimate Wireless donated a bunch of prizes for the winners of each round. Each fan was paired up with Team Boy Meets World or Team Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the end of every round the fan on the team with the most points got a huge package of goodies, including a karaoke mic and a fitness tracker. Even the fans from the "losing" team got a little prize because let's be real, at 90s Con we are all winners.

For the Final Bundle question, each team got a very special request. They each had 60 seconds to come up with a scene from a Sabina the Teenage Witch or Boy Meets World reboot. Each of the teams came to play on the final round! Sabrina and Harvey had a baby shower that was attended by both of her aunties and Libby. The cast of Boy Meets World all met together back at Chubbie's for burger. The fan that was chosen from the audience to compete on Team Boy Meets World that round got to play Cory, which he said was a dream come true. (I mean, he got to walk arm and arm with Topanga, who was his teenage crush, so it doesn't get much better than that!)

We are so grateful to the team at That's 4 Entertainment for bringing us on for another fun convention. If you want a chance to live your best 90s life, you can still order our Bundle: 90s Edition. We can't promise that you will get to flirt with your teenage crush, but we can guarantee that you will have a fun time enjoying all the nostalgia that the 90s have to offer.


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