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A Tail of Love on Hallmark Channel - Celebrate with Game Night!

A photo of a beautiful blond woman smiling at the camera and holding an adorable dog. A handsome man with dark hair and a beard stands next to her smiling, he is also holding a dog. They are outside in front of a farmhouse with a beautiful blue sky in the background and lots of green trees.
Brittany Bristow and Chris McNally with their cute co-stars!

You know we love Hallmark Channel and romantic comedies. We created our Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas board game to celebrate the festive holiday movies, developed a When Calls the Heart game for the beloved television series, and developed Bundle: Rom Com Edition for everyone who is a fan of the genre. We have been a fan of Brittany Bristow from her many appearances in Hallmark movies, and we love Chris McNally as Lucas in When Calls the Heart. So when we found out that they were starring in a movie together with some adorable puppies, we just had to make a game all about it!

A blond woman and dark haired man stand in front of a gray background. The woman holds a dog and the man holds a leash with a dog attached.
A Tail of Love premieres on April 23rd on Hallmark Channel!

A Tail of Love is premiering on Hallmark Channel on April 23rd at 8pm EST. Brittany Bristow stars as Bella, a young woman who runs a rescue center for puppies. When the funding for the rescue center gets discontinued, Bella turns to JR, a caring solider currently on leave in their hometown, for help. Bella and JR have a shared love of animals, but as they get to know each other better, sparks fly. A Tail of Love is a limited edition run and the Everything Hallmark Podcast will be selling tickets for a chance to win a game. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to animal shelters.

We will also be having A Tail of Love Virtual Game Night so we can share in the excitement of the upcoming premiere. If you want to join us for game night, DM us on Instagram @thebundlegame or e-mail info@thebundlegame. We would love to have you be a part of the puppy party!


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