Beyond the Bundle: Posh In Progress

Who: Stacey from Posh In Progress and her Family!

Where: Los Angeles

Bundle They Played: Family Bundle (Personalized)

Adorable family photos courtesy of Posh In Progress.

Some bunny loves you! (Sorry this level of cuteness we couldn't stop ourselves with the pun.)

Living That Homeschool Life

Stacey is a lifestyle blogger, social justice advocate, and has her Ph.D. in Education Policy. We have been fans of hers for a while and have loved following all of the adventures she has with her beautiful family. During quarantine her latest adventure has been....homeschooling! We have been so impressed by all of the parents who have been taking on this new challenge. Stacey has tackled this endeavor head on and has even made it look fun. We were so excited to make a Bundle all about her family so that when they had a homeschool break they could get their Bundle on.

Rocco and Giada: Best Friends Forever

15 months apart and BFF!

Rocco and Giada are only 15 months apart and are best friends. (We can relate to this - we are 16 months apart and also best friends!) Being so close in age, they have always been playmates for each other and of course, occasional bicker buddies. (If you can't bicker with your sibling, who can you bicker with, am I right?) Stacey shared with us a sweet story about a time when the kids were at a local swimming pool (ahhh remember those days?) and Giada shouted, "Rocco, I love you!" Even though he might have been a little bit embarrassed (a feeling our little brother knows well when we shower him with attention), ultimately Rocco knows he is Giada's biggest protector and best friend. #siblinggoals

Disneyland Adventures with Storm Troopers

Protecting Mama from Stormtroopers!

Stacey and her family are masters at having adventures. Not only do they love to visit Disneyland, but they even filmed a TV show for Disney+ called Disney Family Sundays. While people are staying home it's so important to find fun activities so that we can continue to bring joy and excitement into our lives. (We hope Bundle is almost as exciting as Stormtroopers.) To stay updated on all of the fun things happening with Posh in Progress, you can visit her blog here. And if you want a Bundle all about your family, you can order it here. Stormtroopers not included. :)

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