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Beyond the Bundle: Sydney & John

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Since we've launched Bundle, we have been so inspired by the stories that our customers share with us. Some make us laugh, some make us cry, some make us do both at the same time. Every few weeks, we will be sharing one of these stories with all of you. Our inaugural Beyond the Bundle comes from Sydney & John, a couple from Chicago. Happy reading!

Who: Sydney & John

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Bundle they played: Couple Bundle (personalized)

Sydney & John, two of our Bundle customers!
Sydney & John post-engagement!

A Chicago love story begins

Sydney and John have been dating for 2 years and live in Chicago, where they love eating dinner at The Pasta Bowl and exploring the city together. They met on the dating app Hinge, and after only a few dates they were inseparable. (No dating mind games going on here!) Family is so important to John and Sydney and they frequently visit their families together and enjoy time at the lake with their loved ones. Someday, they plan to own a lake house of their own and (if Sydney has her way) lots of dogs!

It's all about that food & wine

John is a much better cook than Sydney, but she is often tasked with selecting the bottle of wine for dinner which is an equally important job. It’s a good thing that John is such an excellent cook, because Sydney has a tendency to get “hangry.” (I mean, don’t we all?!) Just be careful not to feed her shellfish - she recently discovered that she had developed an allergy after consuming a ton of shrimp with John’s family. There’s nothing like an allergic reaction to make family bonding time extra special!

John always makes Sydney laugh with his random musings, such as “Salsa is dope. It’s like spicy spaghetti” and “Why isn’t there a microwave that only heats certain parts of a sandwich?” (Someone better start workshopping that for Shark Tank immediately.)

Getting their Bundle on

John is very good at surprising Sydney, which is why she decided to get our Couple Bundle so that she could surprise John! They had a blast reminiscing over all of their memories, acting out silly phrases, and answering trivia questions about their relationship, all while enjoying a bottle of wine picked out by Sydney using her sommelier skills. Little did Sydney know that John had an even bigger surprise planned for her - a week later on their vacation to Austin, he PROPOSED!!!* We are so happy for you, Sydney and John! We know you will have a wonderful, adventure filled life together and we are so thankful that you shared your story with us.

*Results may vary. Bundle cannot guarantee such a quick turnaround on an engagement after playing Couple Bundle, but reliving all the best parts of your relationship and laughing together for a few hours can’t hurt, right?


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