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Beyond the Bundle: The Cysewski Family

Who: The Cysewski Family - Seth, Lou , and daughter Madison

Where: Kirkland, Washington

Bundle They Played: Family Bundle (Personalized)

Family playing a board game.
Get your Bundle on!

They Wanna Get Physical, Physical!

The family that plays together stays together, and this doesn’t just apply to board games. (Although please continue to Bundle with us. ;)) We loved getting to know the Cysewski family when we were making their Bundle, and they love physical activity! They play tennis, they love to swim, and often go hiking and skiing. But it's not all smooth sailing. One time the Cysewskis were visiting Lake Chelan and going tubing, and Madison and Lou were sitting in the front of the tube and the boat started and they started sinking because they didn’t know that you were supposed to lay down. Oops.

Gotta make sure Dad is following the rules...

Work & Play

Lou, Seth and Madison are all creators and go getters. Lou runs her own company called Coolperx, the world's first and only social purpose marketing and merchandise agency. What that means is Coolperx helps companies provide their employees with high quality, sustainable gifts that they will actually enjoy rather than things that will end up in a landfill. (As people who went through all of their earthly belongings during quarantine to figure out what "sparked joy" we are very glad that there is a company that is prioritizing this.) Seth has a podcast called Real Life Sustainability where he talks about being better stewards of the earth, and Madison has a YouTube channel called Madison's Ice Cream Laboratory where she samples flavors of ice creams from different companies. Ethics and Ice Cream? Sign us up!

The Cysewski family also makes sure to make plenty of time for play. They build epic forts that take up two rooms in their house. They celebrate Chrismeaster, a holiday that they made up between Christmas and Easter that they celebrate on February 25th (sounds fun, sign us up!) and they love to Bundle. They send us a video of their game playing experience and allowed us to share a few screen grabs here. This trio makes us laugh so hard!

When you play Bundle everyone is a winner (cheesy but true!)

That Means True Love!

Madison is wise beyond her years and she loves love! When Seth and Lu told Madison that they were getting married, Madison immediately responded, "That means true love!" Madison also nailed the flower girl game at her aunt's wedding. Rather than toss the flower petals on the ground, she threw them into the air and there was a rainbow of flickering petals that Lu and the other bridesmaids walked through. (This also sounds like a fun service that wedding planners could provide for brides!) 

The Cysewski family loves to work hard, play hard, and they lead lives full of love and experiences. We had such a great time making their game and we hope that as they continue their adventures they will keep us up to date so we can make them some Bundle expansion packs. :) Click here to order your personalized board game today!


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