Beyond the Bundle: The Rizzo Family

The Rizzo Family - one of the most unique families we've ever created a game for!

Who: The Rizzo Family 

Where: Weymouth, Massachusetts 

Bundle They Played: Family Bundle (personalized) 

Rizzo Family Reality Show

If this Rizzo Family had a reality TV show, you would find yourself saying, “That didn’t really happen!” and “Did they script that?!” and “Nooooo way...I can’t believe that!” We first got to know the Rizzo family when we made a Couple Bundle for the daughter of the family, Jessica, and her husband, Brian. Jessica and Brian are the good kind of high school sweethearts. You know what I mean - the ones who have grown up together, have countless inside jokes, and have become better people because of each other. (We all know the high school “sweethearts” who stayed together because they didn’t want to have to go on any more first dates, amiright?) From Jennirose and Kelvin, who had a Star Wars themed wedding on May the 4th, to Auntie Mary who is psychic and reads tarot cards, to Tony who is a Marine turned lawyer who just happens to look exactly like Lin-Manuel Miranda - you know being with the Rizzo family is going to bring a host of new experiences and adventures. 

Big Hearts 

The Rizzo family has the biggest hearts and learning about their family was such an uplifting experience! Lou, the patriarch of the family, is known as the “mayor” of Weymouth because he knows everyone. He gives epic lectures, especially on being drug free, and makes each of his kids take a “drug oath.” He loves doing favors for people and always picks up the bill at dinner. There’s Marykate, born with special needs and called “such a little character and a miracle.” She always has silly quotes that make everyone laugh. Deb, the matriarch of the family, started a special needs Girl Scout troop. She was also a foster mom, called “MIM” by her foster kids, and the best cook in town . Brother Nick was dubbed “mini Lou” and will someday take over the role of lecturer in the family. (It helps that he has also inherited his dad’s signature giggle.) Megan is the baby of the family and gets the most lectures, often critiquing her Instagram posts. #backofffamily

Expansion Packs Ready

We learned so many touching, interesting, and hilarious things about the Rizzo family. (We could have made an entire Bundle all about the quirky uncles.) The Rizzo family is what makes Bundle expansion packs a necessity - there’s just too many wonderful things to pack

into one game. And even though I’ve never met the Rizzo family in person, I feel lucky to have gotten to know them when Cassie and I created their game. And hopefully someday we can meet them in person for laughs, lectures, and a tarot card reading.

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