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Bundle Games for Kids!

Photo of a little boy holding a paper heart. There is a light lavender border around the photo with the Bundle logo at the top center.
We love our Bundle Babies!

We love making personalized games for kids of all ages! We get to know our Bundlers through their Bundle Blueprint and create a super customized Bundle that is personalized with their memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. When we first started Bundle, we had no idea that we would be creating games for some very tiny Bundlers! It was such a pleasant surprise and we have had a blast creating games for children as young as two years old.

Photo of two young girls hugging each other and holding a Bundle. They both have beautiful smiles and are wearing striped shirts.
Bundle Buddies

Sometimes when we make games for our little Bundlers it is for them to play with their families which consist of a wide range of ages. This is such a fun challenge to create a game that the whole family will find engaging. Kids love seeing their parents and siblings perform Act It Out cards, get silly while completing Challenge cards, and try to beat the clock when they get a Name 4 card.

Photo of a young boy running outside in the sunshine and a sprinklers. There is a light lavender background around the photo and a Bundle logo in the top middle center of the photo.
Pure, unbridled joy

We have also made games for our Baby Bundle Besties. (Say that five times fast.) We make games for groups of best friends with their favorite inside jokes from school, trivia about their favorite TV shows, and photos that they love so much they would put them on their Finsta. (Is that still a thing?) One of the best parts about Bundle is getting to make games for our Bundlers at various stages of their life and celebrate milestones.

If you want to get a custom board game for the kids in your life, click here to order a game. Or if you just want to have some fun and act like a big kid, you can get your very own game here.


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