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Celebrate a Big Birthday with a Bundle!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

One of our best friends turned 40 this month. As the first person in our friend group to reach this milestone, we knew we had to celebrate it big. Adam is the type of guy who is always supporting and pumping up his friends; he is the ultimate hype man. We wanted to honor the awesomeness that is Adam by getting all of our best friends together to celebrate the traditions, memories, and inside jokes that we all have with each other. We sent everyone a Bundle Blueprint to fill out a few months before the big day, so we were able to get several perspectives and many stories about the birthday boy to make his personalized Birthday Bundle.

Beautiful rooftop with Bundle game on a table. A young woman is setting a huge peanut butter cup cake on the table while a dog looks on in awe. A man in the background is smiling at the dog.
Rexy definitely wants that cake

In Bundle, there are 4 categories (plus a Final Bundle - more on that later) of cards for the maximum game play experience. One of our favorite Name 4 cards from the Adam Birthday Bundle was "Name 4 times that Adam has made moves on Lindsey in public." For the record, Lindsey is Adam's wife, so this is not salacious commentary. One of the Act It Out Cards was "Sexy Rexy" in honor of Adam and Lindsey's beloved dog, Rexy. Watching Lindsey attempt to act that out was a sight to behold. A Pick Your Destiny card read "Jackie and Adam get in a fight at Applebee's in 2011 because they are both really stubborn. Move back one space." (Hey, you know you're tight with your friends when you can fight with them like family!) One of the favorite Challenge cards was "Do your best impression of Adam's character from the murder mystery night at the cabin." Adam's character was extremely drunk and a bartender (lots of dynamics there) so Nicole had a great time impersonating him. Truly a night to remember!

a group of four friends dancing on a rooftop with a dog and a Bundle.
Final Bundle Dance Party!

We had a blast playing Adam's Birthday Bundle. It brought up so many fun memories, but we also got to learn a lot of fun, new things about each other. With 83 custom cards, we didn't get through them all in one game, so we have plans to Bundle again. When it came time for the Final Bundle, there were three card options. The Final Bundle that was chosen was "Put on your favorite song that reminds you of Adam and have a dance party. " We put on Sam Hunt's House Party on repeat and gave a toast to our favorite 40-year-old!

If you want a personalized Birthday Bundle for your upcoming birthday or for someone you love, you can order your Birthday Bundle here. Cute dogs, bubbles, and cake not included but we promise it will be a good time.

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