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Bundle of Joy - Baby Bundle!

A wicker basket with a Bundle sitting inside. Attached to the basket are several balloons, white and blue in color.
Baby Bundle has arrived!

At Bundle, we love to celebrate the special moments in life with our highly personalized board games. We make games for a variety of special occasions - birthdays, engagements, weddings, retirement parties, family reunions, bachelorette parties and baby showers. There are so many great gifts for baby showers - we love the adorable onesies, fun baby toys, and informative baby books. If you want to get a gift that is one of a kind, order the parents-to-be a Baby Bundle.

Beautiful blue sky with clouds and trees in the background. A mother lifts her infant son high above her head and he is wearing a huge smile.
The look of love

A Baby Bundle is the perfect keepsake for a family expecting a little bundle of joy. To ensure that your custom game is the ultimate personalized gift, you fill out our Bundle Blueprint. Our Bundle Blueprint is a series of questions where we discover your memories, traditions, and inside jokes. You can also include photos in your game, so it is a living memory book. How much is your baby going to love playing a game all about their birth (original sonogram included!) when they are a teenager?

A gorgeous living room with a Bundle on the table in the middle of the room. There are balloons in the background and a gift bags on the table.
Beautiful Baby Shower!

In addition to the Baby Bundle being a wonderful gift, you can also use it as a fun and sweet baby shower activity. Sometimes parties can be awkward, with people not being entirely sure what to talk about and needing some sort of structure around the event. Baby Bundle provides that - and a whole lot of joy and laughs. You can even fill out the Bunde Blueprint to include information about your guests, so they can get in on the personalization fun! To order your highly customized game with 83 cards written specifically for your loved ones, click here. The Bundle stork will happily deliver your personalized Baby Bundle in 3-4 weeks!


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